Bupa Eden nurses 'care deeply'; management responds to maggot incident

Bupa has apologised "unreservedly" to the elderly resident who was hospitalised with maggots in a head wound last week.

The disturbing find was reported amid widespread sanctions against Bupa at its Eden facility as well as several others across the country.

Carolyn Cooper, chief operating officer of Bupa Aged Care Australia, said last week's incident "is a very serious matter and we apologise unreservedly to our resident and his family".

"We have taken immediate steps to improve wound management at the home including providing additional training for our staff and reviewing our existing guidelines for these procedures," she said.

"Bupa is also working with an external advisor in association with the Department of Health to address other matters raised as part of the sanctions against the home.

"We know we have clearly not met expectations but we are committed to doing what it takes to fix it. This includes recruiting additional people to work at the home, which is already underway.

"We want to commit to making this right, not just for our residents and employees but also for the Eden community. We want people to be able to be proud about our care home."

That pride was also shared by an ex-employee of the aged care home, who agreed to speak to the Eden Magnet on condition of anonymity.

They said staff were deeply saddened by the recent happenings and they were personally upset that "only half the story" is reported.

"It upsets me greatly that only half of the story makes the press, with little regard for the facts.

"The staff have taken it extremely hard, and are heart broken that this happened to someone they care for deeply," the former staff member said.

They also claimed staff from the nursing home were being called out on social media sites as well as being harrassed in public.

"Staff have been confronted in public, if wearing their uniforms," they said.

"The staff are under enormous pressure, and have unrealistic workloads, with very little support. Staffing and recruitment is very challenging, due to our rural location.

"The staff there are the most caring, compassionate people, who are extremely passionate about their jobs.

"Every day they leave their own families to care for other's loved ones.

"The staff need the support of their local community, not their derision or vilification," they said.