Tri-estuary tournament returns for Far South Coast fishers

Junior angler Emily OBrien, 8, of Wellington NSW, shows a lovely catch and release bream at Thompsons, Bega River.

Junior angler Emily OBrien, 8, of Wellington NSW, shows a lovely catch and release bream at Thompsons, Bega River.

The ever popular Tri Estuary Challenge is on this coming weekend, November 21-22.

An exciting last-minute announcement is the Kane McKill $400 cash for the longest jewfish!

The Tri Estuary is open to all comers and they may fish in all or any of our three main estuaries - Bega, Merimbula and Pambula - for a total of more than 30 prizes. There are four fish species eligible for prizes - bream, dusky flathead, trevally and tailor. Plus prizes for the longest other fish - apart from jewfish!

Naturally MBGLAC supports catch and release angling with prizes based on DPI brag mat photographs of fish length. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, briefing and entries will be held at the clubhouse on Friday, November 20, 4-7pm. Entries and briefing will be done in batches of 20 to fit the club's social distancing set-up. So we ask for all to come early and to be patient.

Commensurate with COVID-19 disruption, entry fees have been halved this year to $25 per person with juniors free entry when accompanied by an adult.

Offshore there are literally acres of bait fish at the edge of the Continental Shelf plus waters have warmed above 19 degrees. So gamefish anglers are now on the lookout for marlin with yellowfin tuna much further out to sea.

For offshore boaters we again advise that the Merimbula entrance is changing rapidly and boaters need to be extra cautious.

Ocean flathead are active off Bithrys, Kianinny, Bournda Island and Tura Headland. Best results from about 18-20 fathoms.

Some good snapper have reported from Long Point, the inside of Horseshoe Reef near Haycock and also at North Head out of Eden. Snapper and gummy shark are feeding well on salmon and pilchards as well as soft plastics and micro jigs.

The channels at Merimbula and Pambula are both productive for Australian salmon and trevally. Simple silver spinners trolled give good results. Kingfish are reported together with the salmon in the Merimbula channel and hook-ups reported from the club's jetty in Spencer Park.

Good calamari squid have been taken at the Merimbula wharf mostly mornings and evenings. Try No.3 slow sinking squid jigs. Slimy mackerel and tailor are also being taken.

The waters of the lakes are warming and tailor, trevally, bream and dusky flathead are now on the chew. Silver spinners for the tailor, soft plastics will entice the rest.

Congratulations to John Ashcroft for his 43cm tailor from the Merimbula Top Lake. Luderick have gathered at the Merimbula Bridge and respond to stringy weed at the start of the runout.

Soft plastics are a must for good results in all three estuaries. Available are good salmon, trevally, dusky flathead and bream.

With the warming water we are also getting some good whiting and an occasional flounder.

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