Deadline day for Eden Bupa: 'We will continue to operate'

Deadline day for Eden Bupa: 'We will continue to operate'

A spokesperson for the Bupa Eden Aged Care facility said the nursing home will continue to operate even if the facility is stripped of it's accreditation as of today (Friday, August 16).

Following an audit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on March 13-14, Bupa Eden was found to meet only 14 of 44 accreditation standards. The Commission made a decision on April 16 to revoke accreditation and the period of accreditation of the service will expire on August 16.

The spokesperson said accreditation was still on the cards and they were waiting to hear back from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

"Bupa remains committed to addressing any areas that have not met the required standards. We will continue to operate the Bupa Eden care home, even if accreditation is revoked. Residents and their relatives can be assured of certainty and continuity of care."

"Having accreditation revoked at Bupa Eden means the home will lose government funding until the home is re-accredited. Bupa would however still be an approved provider and Bupa Eden would continue to provide residential care."

In contrary to previous reports stating the organisation will be obliged to return the balance of the nursing home bonds to the remaining residents if accreditation is lost, the spokesperson said this was not the case.

"In these circumstances, there is no requirement to return the balance of refundable accommodation deposits if we lose accreditation," they said.

Meanwhile Labor's shadow minister for seniors and volunteers Jo Haylen has called on the state government to intervene if the service continues to operate after Friday's deadline.

"If the facility fails to meet benchmarks by the deadline, it will no longer be eligible for Commonwealth funding and can't be assessed against Commonwealth quality standards"

"It's shocking to think that is Bupa Eden continues to operate after today, it'll be the first in the country to do so without Commonwealth accreditation," Ms Halen said.

Stating that if the aged care facility continued to operate it would set a potentially dangerous precedent, and the only course left for concerned families would be to investigate through the new NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner.

"The NSW government can't wash its hands of the problem, particularly given residents will likely end up in public hospitals if issues with care aren't resolved immediately," Ms Haylen said.

The spokesperson for the facility said Bupa has implemented ongoing changes to the home addressing issues outlined by ACQSC as well as proactively addressing concerns from residents and their families.

Changes to the home have included ongoing access to a general practitioner, recruiting multiple assistants in nursing, an additional registered nurse, recreational activities officer, maintenance officer and a physio-aide to support the physiotherapist.


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