UPDATE: Rescued diver discharged from hospital: PHOTOS AND VIDEO

A 24-year-old Victorian man who was found unconscious on the sea floor while snorkelling near Leonards Island last Thursday has been discharged from Canberra Hospital.

The man was unresponsive for around 20 minutes after losing consciousness, with first aid performed by his partner, Eden Water Police and Eden ambulance paramedics.

He was placed in an induced coma and airlifted by the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter to Canberra Hospital just after 2pm last Thursday.

A hospital spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday that he was brought of the induced coma without incident, and discharged from the hospital.

Follow our coverage as it happened:

The man was diving at a depth of 12 metres late last Thursday morning when he lost consciousness.

Speaking to the Magnet, Sergeant Scott Blanch of Eden Police said the diver and his partner were in town for the weekend's Eden 3 Way State titles spearfishing competition.

"A 24-year-old man from Victoria was snorkelling near Leonards Island with one other person," Sergeant Blanch said.

“The other person found the diver on the bottom, unresponsive, and commenced CPR.

“Eden Water Police then attended, and took over further first aid, while conveying him to the skinny wharf at Snug Cove.

“There he was met by ambulance paramedics, who continued first aid.

“He was then transported to the Eden football ground and placed in the care of a doctor from Canberra, who arrived on board the SouthCare helicopter.

“He was placed into an induced coma, and taken to Canberra Hospital by helicopter shortly afterwards."

The patient is transported to Canberra Hospital by helicopter. Video: Blake Foden.