Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, June 24

Braving the cold to provide tasty treats for Saturday shoppers are Imagine Eden's Cathy and Al Gardner, Judy and Joanne Korner and Chris Bingham. Photo: Ben Smyth
Braving the cold to provide tasty treats for Saturday shoppers are Imagine Eden's Cathy and Al Gardner, Judy and Joanne Korner and Chris Bingham. Photo: Ben Smyth

Proud of what Neil's done

To Neil Rankin. What an amazing job you and your team have done. It's a credit to you. So much research and master craftsmen skills makes us proud of what you have done for Eden.

Tim Mitchell, Eden

Eden solar worth pursuing

I think the Eden solar project would be a fantastic asset to our community - investing in renewable energy should be what we are looking at in the shire as a whole, and the use of solar batteries to store energy to draw on during peak periods means the costs of electricity to a community are reduced.

Wouldn't it be fantastic is Council could get on board with projects similar to this and the ones by Clean Energy For Eternity, and reduce its own running costs in providing services to the community?

Karen Wright, South Pambula

Necessary action

As our recognition of the reality of the theft of this country grows in our awareness, we are coming to understand that we can't undo what has been done. We can't turn back time. But we want to offer apology somehow, and it feels decent and respectful to relinquish our acknowledgement of the names of places in this country back to their original names, in humility and solemnity.

Tokenism, perhaps, but one of the necessary actions to be taken, on our voluntary journey into the grief and pain we have caused the traditional people of this land.

Tina Hollis, Chapman, ACT

Why shouldn't we change?

If Ayers Rock can be changed and is now known as Uluru why shouldn't we change to Gulaga etc!

Anne-Louise Dampney, Moruya

Gesture a waste of money

Why, just to please a handful of Indigenous? What a waste of money. There are more pressing items in Australia than this. The local council just closed the Narooma Visitor Centre, only those that live in the area will be affected, we do not speak the dialect. Even the Indigenous have different names for the significant areas. Waste of our taxes.

Michael Hill, Narooma

Dual naming full support

I am writing in full support of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to dual name Mount Dromedary as Gulaga, Little Dromedary Mountain as Najanuka, Mumbulla Mountain as Biamanga and Montague Island as Barunguba.

It would be great if, as part of this process, there was an education program to educate us all on the Aboriginal meaning, relevance and culture that is linked to these mountains and our area in general. A great idea.

Deb Waser, Broulee

Nothing for seniors

Lots of discussion around about new ideas for our town which is good however nothing mentions our golden oldies. Since the January 2020 bushfires then Covid we have been like most of the community and followed restrictions but now that restrictions have eased find nowhere to go. We mostly still sit in front of TV, day in day out. A trip to the doctor is considered an outing.

Surely with the number of clubs in the area, plus unused venues there would be somewhere we could have a drop in place once or twice a week to help alleviate the loneliness particularly for the elderly who live alone. The majority of us are rate payers in our own homes, shop locally and still support our town.

Elaine Johnston, Merimbula

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