Gardening | Less traditional flowers that make loving gifts for Valentine's Day

Anthurium, or flamingo flower, could be a cheeky alternative flower of love. Photo: Shutterstock
Anthurium, or flamingo flower, could be a cheeky alternative flower of love. Photo: Shutterstock

For the incurable romantics, which usually includes gardeners, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to spoil the one you love or admire with a gift that will keep on giving.

The traditional gift of Valentine's Day is a bunch of long stem roses which will never go out of fashion, after all who can resist the perfume and beauty of roses.

There are however alternatives, perfumed plants for the garden or containers are ideal gifts which mean the flowers and the thought behind them will last much longer than cut flowers in a vase.

But it doesn't have to stop at Valentine's Day, some of the best perfumed plants that make an ideal gift for any occasion are; potted roses of course, look for ones that have good perfume such as love potion, best friend and poetry. Even the names of these roses will have your lover swooning.

Gardenias are handsome evergreen shrubs that produce an abundance of fragrant white flowers during the summer months. At home in the ground or containers, a morning sun position is ideal. Individual blooms can be picked to bring their delightful fragrance indoors.

Frangipani makes a beautiful gift with its highly fragrant white and yellow flowers. There are many highly decorative varieties also available in reds, oranges, pinks, and combinations.

Star Jasmine is another excellent choice for fragrance, and these can also be purchased as topiary, trained into all manner of shapes such as hearts, spirals and cones which provides another element to the gift.

Citrus also have wonderful sweet perfumed blossom and fragrant leaves.

There is no need to restrict the gift of a plant to those with perfume. If you're looking for something a little cheekier or risqué as a gift then anthurium, commonly called flamingo flower or baby boy flower, because it looks like it has a .... anyway, it makes an ideal houseplant.

You could try something a little different and take your loved one on a nursery ramble to select that plant or garden ornament they've always wanted. Alternatively a good gardening book with some sentimental prose hand written in the front cover will be cherished for years to come.

If your loved one is not a gardener then stick with the traditional chocolates and roses. Though as Gerberas always make a nice gift, particularly for the young at heart.