Club Malua closes after visitor tests positive to COVID-19

Club Malua says it will close for deep cleaning after a single visitor to the club on July 7, 8 and 12 subsequently tested positive to COVID-19.

Group General Manager Nathaniel Schryver, of Cabra Bowls, said NSW Health had informed the club that the visitor had only "casual contact".

Therefore, patrons and staff at the club on those days were not required to self-isolate.

However they should monitor for symptoms and get tested if any emerged.

Initial reports were that a number of visitors had tested positive, but NSW Health later confirmed only a single visitor had the virus.

It was unknown if the visitor was from the Eurobodalla Shire or from outside the area.

The club has opted to close for two weeks and will engage a professional cleaning company.

The club said it received the following message from NSW Health at about 3pm:

"We have been advised that Club Malua has a single positive case who attended the site on the 7th, 8th and 12th July. At this stage NSW Health are classing people who attended the venue on the above date as casual contacts. This means they do not have to self-isolate but should watch for symptoms. There is no ongoing risk to the club, however please ensure your staff remain vigilant and watch for any symptoms. Anyone who develops symptoms should be tested and remain at home until results are back. To organise testing at your local clinic, please call 1800 999 880."

The club said it first heard the news at 12.30pm on Wednesday, July 22.

Mr Schryver understood there was "no harm to staff or patrons".

He said the group took COVID-19 very seriously and had kept track of all visitors and that information was being provided to NSW Health.

"There were practices in places, the tracing of visitors is all documented," he said.

It has been a shocking year for the club, after the clubhouse burned down on New Year's Eve, but Mr Schryver said it remained strong.

"In times of adversity the club bands together," he said.

"We will bounce."

The first report said "a number of persons" had tested positive, but Mr Schryver confirmed just one had been confirmed and the Facebook post had been updated.

"The club will remain closed for a period of 14 days per the recommended guidelines. All staff and patrons who have visited the club on these days have had their contact details provided to NSW Health," the club said.

"We are very committed to the safety of our staff, customers, and wider community and will continue to operate under the advice which NSW Health has provided to us. NSW Health has advised those with symptoms to get tested and stay home.

"Please stay COVID safe and remember to keep physical distance and sanitise thoroughly and let's work together with NSW Health to stop the spread in our community.

"Malua Bay has shown in the past that in times of adversity we band together, stay safe and look out for each other. We aim to have our club open again on August 6."

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