Global Impact sights 10th successive win in Million Dollar preliminary

Star power: Feral Franky in full cry in at Richmond Riches series. Picture: GRNSW
Star power: Feral Franky in full cry in at Richmond Riches series. Picture: GRNSW

Greyhound Racing NSW's flagship event - the TAB MIllion Dollar Chase - kicked off at Gunnedah on Saturday night with Group 1 winner Feral Franky posting a hollow victory in near record time over 527 metres.

Nominations for Bulli's heats (to be held on Saturday night over 472m) are expected to include multiple track record holder Pindari Express in what will be an impressive line-up.

Two serious players in the MDC qualifiers at Bulli will be Jodie Lord's Global Impact and powerhouse finisher Ritza Vonnie. Both ply their trade at Bulli on Monday night with Global Impact looking to stretch his winning sequence to 10.

Since joining the Jodie Lord team after doing his early racing in Victoria with owner Pat Sofra, Global Impact has won at Bulli including a smart 26.16 seconds over the 472m and also a near record 19.57 secs over 350m at Goulburn.

He takes on only three rivals in his 400m essay and exits box three in Race 4 (at 7.08pm).

Later in the night, Ritza Vonnie - the Graham Gibbons Memorial Maiden winner at Bulli in mid-March - seeks to protect her unbeaten record (six starts over three distances) at Bulli.

The powerful finisher has been freshened since being beaten by a nose at Wentworth Park on July 24 over 520m. She has a personal best of 26.17s at Bulli over 472m and her strength at the finish is rare.

In April, she posted a blazing 30.37s win over 535m at Richmond and has also won at Dapto over 600m. With 10 wins from just 19 starts, Ritza Vonnie is perfectly placed in a Grade 5 and will start a long odds on elect from box 2 in Race 8 at 8.09pm.

Bulli comment - September 2

Race 1

TAKAHI THOMO (Joe Bertinato): Away cleanly from box 3 when 1 1/2 lens 2nd in 22.82 here Aug 19 at debut. Will be further improved and commands respect.

AUSSIE HERO (Denis Mahoney): Slow to begin from the inside alley but rallied solidly for 3 lens 3rd in 18.87 at Richmond Aug 28 at debut. Open to further improvement.

WORTH A SHOUT (Jodie Lord): Always well back from the 7 alley and in trouble when 17 1/4 lens 5th in 29.64 (best) at Dapto Aug 22. Has trialled well over 440m at Gosford yet placed only once in four outings. Take on trust.

FRANKY THE JETT (Peter Sims): Just on 5 lens away when last of four in 18.90 Wagga trial Jul 28 at only public appearance. Take on trust.

FINE LEE (Valetta McDonald): Still looking for a win after 22 starts (9 placings). Failed to manage a place in four starts here at this trip. Pass.

WAR BOY (Justin King): Never in the mix from box 7 when 11 3/4 lens 7th in 22.65 here Jul 13 and now resuming. Can show speed but minor claims are best.

UNTOLD (Robyn Goodwin): Placed in each of four outings before distant last in 29.64 (best) at Dapto Aug 22. Commands respect on head 2nd in 22.85 here Aug 3 in similar class.

Race 2

AUDI DIOR (Alan Proctor): Well held from box 8 when 7 1/4 lens 3rd in 22.59 (best) at Richmond Aug 30. Reliable beginner but this is not easy. Minor claims best again.

LOW FLYING CROW (Peter Sims): Had this alley when game 1 1/2 lens 2nd in 22.59 (best) at Richmond Aug 30. Very good beginner and the testing material.

ALL ON FOUR (George Micallef): Well held when 8 1/4 lens 4th in 20.96 at Nowra Aug 24. More depth here and has the job ahead at local debut.

RAMPAGING HAZARD (Jason Magri): Untroubled when 22.64 (best) all-the-way winner from box 5 at Richmond Jul 26 before 1/2 len 2nd in 25.42 at Maitland Aug 8. New here but promising and suited at 400m.

KEY LIME PIE (Andrew Mulrine): Featured only once in four outings since 25.12 win from the rails alley Apr 2. Awkwardly drawn and has the job ahead.

FLASHING BYE (Glenn Summerfield): No threat from box 2 when 1 1/2 lens 4th in 25.56 at Goulburn Aug 27. Latest box manners have not been flash and not expected to worry this lot.

HEY JONNY PARK (Justin King): Had this alley when 2 1/2 lens winner in 22.87 at Richmond Aug 28. Reliable beginner but untried here and this is not easy.

BLACK CAT BAR (Joe Scerri): Consistent placegetter before 13 3/4 lens 6th in 30.24 at WP Aug 28 when resuming from a short break. This looks too tough.

Race 3

SILVER JADE (Annette Fleming): Scratched.

BETHANY ROSE (Christine Proctor): Finished best to score by 1 len in 30.33 at Dapto Aug 22. Up from maiden company yet drawn to get all the breaks.

EBBY CRUISER (Michael Eberand): Always well back from box 7 when 10 1/2 lens 5th in 30.24 at WP Aug 28. Can show speed but latest box manners have not been flash. Prefer to see at local debut.

KEYDRA (Andrew Mulrine): Just on 12 lens away when 3rd in 43.00 over 720m at WP Aug 22. Back in trip and looks to have the job ahead.

SUPER SELECT (Phil Bailey): Lacks pace. Never a factor from box 2 when 6 1/4 lens 5th in 22.87 at Richmond Aug 28. Preferred in something easier.

TOPPER PHOENIX (Fran Harris): Struggled from middle boxes in two WP outings since 1/2 len 2nd in 30.15 at Dapto Aug 15. Suited in this class and commands respect.

TAYLOR MADE GREY (George Micallef): Scratched.

Race 4

DYNA YEZZA (Simon Rhodes): Outpaced early on from box 1 and finished 13 3/4 lens 6th in 29.87 at WP Aug 24. Usually a reliable beginner yet not managed a win in nine outings since arriving from Victoria.

LIGHTS OUT TONY (Frank Sanotti): Closest at the finish when 6 1/4 lens 3rd in 29.51 (best) at Gardens Aug 24. Rarely begins cleanly and preferred in something easier.

ARIEK TOR (Keith Jones): Poor beginner which has finished down the track in two WP outings in August following a break. Cannot recommend.

RICCOBONO (Peter Sims): Finished best to land 30.06 win at WP Aug 21 before 7 1/2 lens 5th in 29.91 there Aug 24. Plummets in class and clearly the one to beat

DYNA ARTIST (Simon Rhodes): Meadows results had been poor before 16 1/4 lens 7th in 26.00 (best) here Aug 16. Fared no better when 10 3/4 lens 7th in 29.97 at WP Aug 24. Pass.

ARIA'S THE ONE (Jason Sing): Slow to begin from box 3 and never in the mix when 8 3/4 lens 4th in 30.07 at WP Aug 28. Back in class and commands respect.

Race 5

SCIENTIFIC MAN (Mark Wilcox): Scratched.

BAILEY'S BANJO (Phil Bailey): Failed twice since 30.43 win from the 3 alley at WP Jul 19. Back from a break when 4 1/2 lens 7th in 20.24 at Goulburn Aug 20. This looks too tough.

GLOBAL IMPACT (Jodie Lord): Brilliant speedster which is looking for his 10th successive win. Posted near record 22.14 here Jul 20 and should have no trouble continuing his rich vein of form.

GLORIA GRACE (Phil Bailey): Scratched.

BANJO TIFIA (Chris O'Brien): Back to best with slick 20.53 all-the-way win from box 1 at Nowra Aug 24. Mixes box manners but expected to measure up.

WINSOME CURRENCY (Marie Burton): Short course specialist which is in terrific form, albeit in easier class. Raced on speed from box 5 when 2 1/4 lens 2nd in 20.54 at Nowra Aug 24. Place best again.

MYSTERIZE (Julian Micallef): Scratched.

Global ImpactHARDAWAY JUSTICE (Ron Marsden): Never a factor from box 6 when 9 1/4 lens 3rd in sizzling 18.50 (best) at Richmond Aug 28. Can show very good sped and drawn to get the job done.

TECTONIC MAGIC (Justin King): Quickly led from box 6 and landed 3 3/4 lens win in 22.81 at Maitland Aug 29. Failed in 22.71 in maiden company at only try here Apr 27 but much improved and commands respect.

MR KNOXVILLE (Justin King): Sparingly raced in recent times. Back from a 13 week break when 9 3/4 lens last in 22.87 at Richmond Aug 28. Tested again.

UNRULY BOYS (Stephen Arnold): Well held in two outings at Nowra since 22.79 all-the-way win from box 5 here Aug 10. Awkwardly drawn but can measure up should he get the start right.

CLIFF'S MISS (Phil Bailey): Down the track in two outings since 19.97 Goulburn win from box 2 at Goulburn Aug 13. Can show speed but tested in this class.

DEFY (Robyn Goodwin): Battled on without threatening when 6 1/2 lens 3rd in 30.06 at WP Jun 29 and now resuming. Boasts 10 wins from only 20 outings incl 26.33 here over 472m. Respect.

KEV'S COMET (Frank Sanotti): Results have been mixed since landing 26.81 win from box 2 here Jun 8. This looks too tough.

ZIPPING KIKI (Jason Magri): Well related youngster which has won here in 22.76. Given a break following 25.18 win from this alley at Maitland Jul 25. Live chance.

Race 7

ARON ALLEN (Simon Rhodes): Struggled locally before 8 1/4 lens 4th in 19.92 at Goulburn Aug 22. Not a good beginner and this looks too tough.

LOST PAPERS (Julian Micallef): At or near the tail in four outings since 4 1/4 lens 3rd in 23.21 at Wagga May 17. Not raced since Jul 5 when 10 1/2 lens 7th in 18.47 at Wagga Jul 5. Not expected to worry this lot.

HALF A MINYA (Valetta McDonald): Improved to land 20.24 win at Goulburn Aug 20 before 1 3/4 lens 4th in 20.06 there Aug 27. Mixes box manners and has the job ahead.

FEVER FURY (Mick Hooper): Results had been consistent before 12 lens 7th in 22.83 here Aug 19. Can show speed and commands respect having three solid wins over 330m at Richmond.

GAI KEEPING (Jodie Lord): Changed kennel since 8 1/2 lens 5th in 25.45 at Warrnambool Jul 11. Suited by this track and has a solid record from middle boxes. Expected to measure up.

REGAL TWIST (Garry Edwards): Quickly led from box 2 and untroubled when 20.67 winner at Nowra Aug 17 when resuming from a break. Followed with 2 lens 2nd in 20.47 there Aug 24. Right in contention.

ROCKET MAN (Christine Proctor): Finished best to score by 1 1/2 lens in 23.03 at Richmond Aug 30. Latest box manners have been patchy. Will be afforded no mistakes from this alley.

STILTON HENRY (Sergio Forner): At long odds and never in the mix from box 3 when 4 1/4 lens 5th in 30.15 at Dapto Aug 22. Looking to others.

Race 8

DUAL FOCUS (Garry Edwards): Quickly led from box 2 and untroubled when 30.20 winner at Nowra Aug 24. Promising but new here and this represents a massive rise in class.

RITZA VONNIE (Mark Gatt): Powerful finisher which is unbeaten in three starts here at this trip (best 26.17). Suited in this class being in the winner of 10 races (only 19 starts) and clearly the one to beat.

FIRE BELLY (Jason Magri): Soon in control from box 7 and landed 2 1/2 lens win in 26.67 here Aug 19. Showing promise yet faces steep rise in class.

FEVER FRENZY (Wayne Sugars): No managed a place in three outings since 31.03 win from box 8 at Richmond Jun 28. Latest box manners have not been good and appears well held.

PRINCE PLANET (Mark Bell): Just under 4 lens away when 5th in 19.35 (best) at Healesville Aug 26. Another which is hit-and-miss at the start. Faces a tough test.

ARIEK REBEL (Keith Jones): Mixed distances without success at Goulburn in recent weeks. Outclassed.

BRASH AN' SASSY (Dwayne Jenkins): Finished best to score by 1 len in 20.30 at Goulburn Aug 13. Backed up there Aug 15 and no threat when 8 lens 5th in 20.36 there Aug 15. Pass.

Race 9

IMA ROCKSTAR (Bradley Barnes): Former Victorian which has struggled locally and at Gosford in two starts since a change of kennel. Not a good beginner and looking to others.

AMY LAURA (Jason Magri): Given a break after 6 3/4 lens 7th in 23.07 at Richmond Jul 5 and since changed kennel. Talented and must be respect having won twice at Richmond over 535m in quick time.

TAKAHI LEGEND (Joe Bertinato): Strike rate is poor (4 from 73). At long odds when 7 1/2 lens 4th in 23.15 here Aug 19. Tested again.

DYNA WAQA (Simon Rhodes): Struggled locally before 8 lens 6th in 25.04 (best) at Goulburn Aug 22. Awkwardly drawn and looks well held.

TOBACCO KING (Scott Austen): At long odds and never in the mix from box 2 when 14 1/2 lens 7th in 30.25 at WP Aug 14. Latest form has been below best.

ARMOURLITE (Marie Burton): Risky beginner which has not raced since falling at Nowra Aug 12. Awkwardly drawn and prepared to risk.

CALYPSO BLITZ (John Rudd): Just on 4 lens away when 5th in 22.95 at Richmond Aug 16. Usually a reliable beginner but an inside alley is preferred.

SOUND OF BELLES (Barry Campbell): Veteran which has managed only 10 wins from 172 lifetime outings. Cannot recommend.

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