Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, August 29

Undermining protection

The NSW government's Wild Horse Heritage Act (2018) has undermined 75 years of protection to water and alpine species. This act places wild horses above the importance of water, native plants and animals in the Kosciuszko National park. We all love horses but there are thousands of horses in Australia compared with the fact that clean water from the sphagnum bogs is precious for our rivers and several native species in the park are endangered, for example corroboree frogs and broad toothed rats.

A dead whale that washed up on rocks near Tathra Wharf is loaded up to be disposed of at the shire's FOGO composting facility. Photo: David Rogers

A dead whale that washed up on rocks near Tathra Wharf is loaded up to be disposed of at the shire's FOGO composting facility. Photo: David Rogers

Many people believe repeal of the 2018 Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act is imperative so the park can be managed on a scientific basis. A petition of more than 12,000 signatures was presented to the NSW parliament. Amazingly the parliament voted not to take note of the petition. This vote was led by the local member John Barilaro. This basically means our elected parliament and local representative was not prepared to listen to and consider the concerns of some of the people. No wonder we are disillusioned by the political process.

If you are interested in finding out more about the damage wild horses do to the Alpine areas, refer to the Reclaim Kosci website: https://reclaimkosci.org.au

Janine Martin, Merriangaah

Great news but...

Great news and a fantastic effort by all those who worked so hard to keep Pambula Hospital, but can all the 'Save Pambula Hospital' signs please now be taken down.

They have served their purpose and now just project a negative message to all visitors to our area.

Peter Lavender, Pambula Beach

Desperate for home

I am writing to say we need more houses to rent in Pambula. I have six kids and three have a disability and I have been told I have until the 9th of September to be out and there is nowhere in Pambula to rent.

We have to stay in Pambula because my son has autism, he is in the special unit so can't change school because he can't handle change. I don't know what to do as owners want to move back into the house and won't give extra time.

Rachael Payne, Pambula

Engaging youth

Our Year 7 students at Lumen Christi are using the BVSC "Understanding Our Place" as part of their investigation of the liveability of our region. Recently they completed a podcast interviewing people about living here. They're now composing a Blogspot with the "10 places I go as a local", but we're working towards "The Pitch: Be the Change!"

We'd love to collaborate with the BVSC and hear what you're doing with the community and inspire these young people to be involved and get creative in their local region. Starting with our youth is a great way to create a sustainable and transformative agenda.

Wendy Mockler, Pambula Beach

Supermarket duplicity

Your editorial "Hyper hypocrisy of 'plastic-free' shopping" exposed the duplicity of the major supermarkets.

Plastic-wrapped collectable toys are just the tip of the plastic iceberg. The majority of our purchases are wrapped in at least one single-use plastic bag, if not many.

A kilo of pears comes in a single-use plastic tray, inside a single-use plastic bag. Single-use plastic bags are available for your tomatoes, zucchinis, potatoes etc.

This becomes more ridiculous when you purchase banana bread. Each slice is inside a single-use plastic bag. The slices are sitting in a single-use cardboard tray and the whole lot is wrapped in another plastic bag. You take home five slices of bread, six plastic bags and a cardboard tray.

It is nice to know the supermarkets had the environment uppermost in their thinking when they decided to charge customers for take-home plastic carry bags.

Trevor Taylor, Narooma


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