Eden Letters to the Editor, May 30

Caught in the act

An open letter to the driver of the white Toyota heading up Brown Mountain on Sunday, May 19.

I assume you have a licence, so I assume you know what those double lines in the middle of the road mean. But around that truck you came!

I don't care how long you've been caught behind the truck. I don't care that you might be running late for something. I don't care how good you think you are as a driver.

I do care that we all get to our intended destination safely and with our nerves intact. I do care that I get home to see my family. I do care that emergency services don't have to clean up another accident.

Fortunately I was able to avoid a collision, without going off the road and down the Brown the short way.

Unfortunately for you I have dash cam recordings.

Doc, Merimbula

Hope for future

The results of Saturday's election may have caused shock waves through the Labor Party, some of the media and some of their supporters, but they have come as no surprise to Mr Morrison's "quiet Australians".

Messrs Shorten and Bowen's hubris in expecting ordinary people to simply lie back and accept their extreme socialist policies has backfired massively. We would all have been impacted for so many years to come and decided we are not too badly off and want to keep up the status quo.

We should all be aware that extreme socialism can lead to communism if we don't fight back when we have the opportunity. America and the UK's vote for Brexit showed us how to fight at the voting box.

Congratulations to Mr Morrison and Coalition team for giving us all some hope for the future of this amazing democracy. The "anger" over Malcolm Turnbull's removal has dissipated - it should have happened three years earlier and given the Coalition more clear air. He proved he was unfit by leaning so far left, by losing 16 seats in the 2016 election after knifing Mr Abbott, then "spitting the dummy" to leave his party in minority.

To then actively try to dislodge them by his regular tweets from his New York apartment and inveigling his son Alex into supporting the now infamous GetUp and rival candidates was the final straw. The Turnbull family has not been covered in glory for their actions and we are better off without them.

Finally, grateful thanks to Tony Abbott for 25 years of parliamentary service and his continued support of volunteer organisations. He is a good and decent man and deserves to enjoy his parliamentary pension without having to endure any more nastiness and sniping.

Elvie Preo, Bega

Don't wait for pollies

The election just held was claimed by some to be the "climate change election".

We have a government which has failed to develop and implement policies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Perhaps it's time for all of us to change our behavior and take action at a personal and community level?

Consider your next car purchase being an electric or hybrid one.

Buy local.

Grow some vegetables.

Reduce the distance and frequency of car use.

Do you really need that overseas holiday?

People power addressed the littering problem with Clean Up Australia.

Can people power show our governments the way with climate change action?

Let's give it a go. Waiting for governments to "do something" may not work.

Paddy Naughton, Bodalla

Eden's debutantes get prepared for this weekend's ball. We will reveal their dresses - and faces - next week! Photo: Rachel Mounsey

Eden's debutantes get prepared for this weekend's ball. We will reveal their dresses - and faces - next week! Photo: Rachel Mounsey

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