Horoscopes: week beginning June 2

Horoscopes: week beginning June 2

ARIES: Life holds so much potential in so many ways as your dreams dominate your thoughts. To realise the situation, you really must look to the small, daily aspects of living. Until June 27 you will be busy with domestic routines. Some re-organisation of the household may be necessary, especially for those who are on the move.

TAURUS: The time is ripe for financial growth during the coming month, with particular emphasis on the next two weeks. Your activities are geared around these interests. The intricate details of your financial situation need to be examined in the time between June 5 and June 27, especially with day-to-day management. June 7, 8 produce the best results.

GEMINI: You should have more time and energy for personal interests in the coming month, propelled by better financial conditions. It's time to show the world the new you! The organisation of property matters, or contracts around the sale of a property or a lease, will demand much of your attention over the time until June 27.

CANCER: The coming month is the time for that annual reassessment of life's progress over the past twelve months. Make time to deal with difficulties in preparation for your new personal year. Over the few weeks from June 5, there will be many instances when you will wish that you could get away from the hectic pace of life, especially on June 16-20.

LEO: Having attained many objectives, this is a time of year when you should be setting yourself new goals. There will also be opportunities to expand your circle of friends. Until June 27 issues associated with friendships, personal goals and finances, communications or contractual matters will distract you. You should be able to make a little extra money on the side.

VIRGO: If you choose to apply yourself over the coming month, you are certain to receive a measure of praise for your efforts. Good contacts can be made. The three-week period that begins on June 5 is excellent for furthering your own ambitions, particularly if they are career orientated. The reasons: a sharp mind and great planning.

LIBRA: The coming month will be successful for many things where Libra is concerned, especially new arrangements and ideas in connection with travel, studies or legal matters. Greater independence and initiative are required in handling your business affairs between June 5 and June 27. Some Librans will be looking at travelling long distances in connection with work.

SCORPIO: Financial concerns are highlighted in the coming four weeks, necessitating a review of debts, spending and management. Clear the way in preparation for expansion. Between June 5 and June 27 it will be necessary to seek advice on the state of your financial affairs or your emotions, especially on June 16-20. You may not view advice as helpful.

SAGITTARIUS: Over the coming month the partners of Sagittarian natives must deal with changing circumstances in life. This is also a great time for meeting people. The management of your daily business affairs is of greater concern to you between June 5 and June 27. Relationships require a considerable amount of effort to maintain.

CAPRICORN: The potential for creating work or moving in new directions is high during the coming month. Whilst energy levels may be low now, this will only last for a couple of days. For the self-employed, these few weeks from June 5 will prove to be quite hectic, especially on June 7, 8, 16-20, with partnership and marital responsibilities dominating events too.

AQUARIUS: Aquarian individuals will be directing more energy into doing things which please you during the next month, even deriving a measure of enjoyment from your work. Children may be a little more demanding than usual during June 5 to June 27, so you will have to make greater efforts in planning your daily tasks. During June 16-20 difficulties are experienced.

PISCES: Home life will play a more significant role over the next four weeks. Happy occasions are ahead as the home reflects greater prosperity and smoother relations. During the three weeks to June 27 Piscean natives will be more inclined to pursue some form of recreation that provides mental stimulation, especially on June 7, 8, 16, 17.

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