Memories from previous student

Brendan Buckley from Bega Betta was a former student at St Patrick's.

Brendan Buckley from Bega Betta was a former student at St Patrick's.

Local businessman Brendan Buckley has a long association with St Patrick's Primary School and is looking forward to helping them celebrate their special milestone.

Brendan first attended St Patrick's Primary School in Kindergarten in 1976 and finished in year 6 in 1982. He spent his final year as vice captain of the school.

"I have many great memories of my childhood spent at St Pat's," Brendan said. "I made great friends, some who I still regard as close friends today and my brother and sister also attended the school.

"During my seven years I had some fantastic teachers including four nuns who resided at the Convent.

"Some of them were very strict and I have vivid recollections of getting the odd rap over the knuckles with a ruler and witnessing a few classmates getting hit with the cane.

"Things have changed a bit these days!"

Brendan has been the part owner of Bega Betta for 15 years. The store provides the local community with affordable, quality electrical appliances.

Offering exceptional local advice, Betta assists customers with all their fridge and freezer, kitchen and cooking appliance, TV and audio requirements. However, it is the local expertise that will give you that little extra peace of mind for your next electrical or home appliance purchase.

"The thing I love about still working locally is that I often see ex-classmates in the store with their families," Brendan said. "Recently I even saw my first class teacher Mrs Taylor."

Brendan's association with St Patrick's continued even later in life.

"My wife Michelle and I were married at St Patrick's Church in 1998 and had our wedding photos taken in the garden of the Convent," he said.

"My parents, James and Helen Buckley, and also my in-laws, Ned and Barbara O'Donovan, were both married in the church as well."

Brendan and the team at Bega Betta wish St Patrick's Primary School all the best as they celebrate their 150th anniversary and for the future years ahead.

"I would love to attend the open day which I am sure will bring back plenty of memories," Brendan said.

Pop in and see the team at Bega Betta, located at 95-101 Auckland Street, Bega.

From director Ross Fox:

On behalf of the entire Catholic education community in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, I congratulate St Patrick's Primary School Bega on their 150th anniversary. St Patrick's is a living and vibrant testament to the values, educational excellence and spirit embodied in Catholic schools. Congratulations St Patrick's for 150 years of hope, joy and wonder through Catholic education.

Current student comments about the future of St Pat's:

Looking ahead to the next 150 years, students at St Patrick's Primary School were asked - "What do you think St Pat's will look like in 150 years?"

Here are their answers:

ALEX - I think in 150 years St Pat's will have a different uniform.

LUCY - In 150 years the school will have lots of photos of learning.

FLYNN - In 150 years the school will have a different office and playground.

PIA - In 150 years St Pat's will be more fun.

TIGER - In 150 years St Pat's will be a lot bigger with more teachers and students.

ISOBEL - In 150 years the school will be fancy.

TANJA - I think the school will look older.