NBN scam targets Eden resident; warning to stay alert

Residents are urged to take care when answering phone calls from unknown numbers or automated messages.

An Eden woman has been in touch with us to let us know of a scam she has reported to Telstra in recent days.

The woman received several missed calls from what turned out to be an automated message, but on one occasion she was home to answer.

The message said that it was an alert from Telstra that her new NBN connection was compromised and that she would have to reset and change all her passwords to prevent international scammers from gaining access.

She said her internet service would need to be switched off for 24-48 hours in order to do this and to talk to a technician for further information, press “1”.

The woman decided to see where that led, but when the woman who eventually answered at the other end was “unintelligible” and what she could understand was essentially the same threat repeated, she hung up and reported the scam call to Telstra.

“Telstra said it was definitely a scam and thanked me for letting them know as they hadn’t had any other reports of that type of scam from this area yet,” the Eden woman said.

“Make sure your whole family knows that these calls could happen – especially if you have older family members who might be taken in by them.”

Scams can be reported to the ACCC’s ScamWatch.gov.au, which is also a good resource of information on what to look out for, and what to do in the event you have fallen victim to a scam.