Eden Web Words, August 9

Acora building up youth

Great to see an Eden company employing locals! Congratulations!

Marge Snijder 

I am hearing their work is top notch! Well done.

Gail Ward 

Thanks for sharing. Sitting a motel in Mt Gambier working on 2019 order book, makes it feel worthwhile, Queensland then New Zealand over the next 5 days beating the Acora drum. Oh and Gail this is a direct result from your work on the Cruise Ship Development. We have added 6 people to our payroll as a direct result of the wharf development.

Roger Timms 

Eden ‘losing out’ on Australasia deal says developers

I cannot believe this. The side deed was there all the way through. Nothing to negotiate on. Simply part of the contract. We have all heard of "grand plans" for Eden many times over. The council tendered for the building complete with the conditions, the company said yes at a price and then backed out. All okay to do that but to then prosecute the case that council is somehow the fault is bunkum.

Robyn Bain 

You can't believe it! How do you think the community feels? All this wasted time and money. How much has this cost Robyn?

Amanda Midlam 

The side deed was in the contract the whole time - it was the whole point of selling the building with heritage restrictions as per the community wishes. Councillors were not notified about requests to modify the side deed.

Mitchell Nadin 

Boof heads on council might consult with the community once in a while and not go gung ho, just saying!

Denise Switzer

Once again secrecy reigns. This a public property of enormous value and significance to the community. The community should be informed of the details of sale. No commercial in confidence arrangements exist in this deal. BVSC - tell us what is going on!

Graeme Wykes