Eden Web Words, February 14

Museum telling living history of cruise ships

Doing a mighty job there Jody.

Jenny Roberts

We're hard at work behind the scenes every day, with a great little team of dedicated volunteers helping us along the way with this fantastic diverse collection.

Jody White 

Helen Hillier on Queen’s Baton Relay

What a champion she is! Well done!

Julie Fourter

Woooo hooooo go Helen.

Kaye Thomsen 

Well done Helen Hiller! We're proud of you.

Jenny Drenkhahn  

Maree McDonald obituary

 Such a wonderful, friendly lady. I met Maree at the gym a few years back and we had such great conversations. She worked hard at her fitness and because she had her breathing difficulties and I do too, we bonded. I am so sad that she has passed and send my love to the family. The tribute written by her daughter is beautiful.

Chrissy Millo

What beautiful memories of someone I didn't know but Libby, you paint such a loving picture of your wonderful mum.

Helena Lyons 

School bans mobile phones

Smart phones can be useful if the students are in a room that isn't otherwise 'connected', but I'd try to restrict that usage to seniors and with teacher permission. They are a huge distraction for many kids, and I'm always dismayed at how many kids seem to find it difficult to cope with being disconnected. That is not healthy. I wonder if their parents are aware. 

Texting has become the modern form of 'passing notes' and is problematic, especially if it entails bullying. There are always those kids who think it's ok to use snapchat with the teacher as their unwitting subject, an immense display of disrespect which can undermine teacher authority. 

If kids are using their phones for personal reasons, they are not engaging with their work.

Isabel Robinson