Letters to the editor

Fluoride survey

The survey conducted by the Bega Valley Council on fluoridating our water supply was flawed. The question asked if you want fluoride in the water to prevent tooth decay. It didn’t ask if you want poor health as a consequence. I didn't receive a phone call about the survey nor did anyone I know. The survey should have been sent out to all ratepayers. Fluoride is far more effective in toothpaste than drinking water will ever be and our health won't suffer as a consequence. And it goes without saying that fluoridation is an expense the ratepayers don't need thrust upon them. 

Brad Staker, Merimbula

Dane and Junee

Congratulations to the Australia Day award winners. In particular its really heart warming to see Dane and Junee Waites receive joint citizen of the year.

Dane's Dream took many years to come to fruition, they never gave up and as for running 4000kms I am sure Junee ran every step of that and as a Mum must have held her breath more than once. You are both an inspiration to me every day. 

Ruth Meadows, Tura Beach

Future of NPWS

Since 1967, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has looked after our National Parks, their precious wildlife, worked for the conservation of native and threatened species, educated generations of school children and played host to countless camping holidays and bushwalks. 

Their ability to perform these essential public services is now under threat from a restructure by the NSW Liberal/National government, which will result in a series of cuts and job cuts and loss of expertise. 

We love our national parks. 

They receive more than 40 million visits in New South Wales each year, and an overwhelming 94 per cent of visitors describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

Parks like Bournda National Park and Bournda National Park are an important part of the community, environment and public space.

If the NPWS restructure goes ahead, the NSW community will soon notice the consequences of the government’s reckless approach to parks management. 

There will be fewer rangers, closed tracks, less maintenance of visitor facilities and encroaching invasive species will become the unfortunate norm. 

There will be a knock on effect on local jobs, tourism and the local economy. 

I urge readers to contact the NSW government and ask them to stop their war on National Parks and treat rangers and all staff with the respect they deserve.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW MP

Australian arms exporting

So the Australian government wants Australia to become a major arms exporter.

But why stop there?

Why not also become a major chemical weapons exporter?

 Why not do a little exporting of children's live body parts on the side? The important thing is we're making money. Right? 

Paul Strutynski, Buckajo

Cook “discovered” Merimbula and Tura

If we are to ditch 26th January, then I offer the following journal entry of Captain Cook, 20-21 April 1770.

Cook was very verbose about what we now know as Merimbula and Tura Beach. 

 “The weather being clear gave us an opportunity to view the country, which had a very agreeable and promising aspect, diversified with hills, ridges, plains and Valleys, with some small lawns,

“We saw the smoke of fire in several places: a certain sign that the country was inhabited”, Cook said.

 He really did “discover” Merimbula and recognised its people.

Ross Williams, Bega

Cute date: Locheil residents enjoying some fish and chips for dinner by a jetty in Eden.

Cute date: Locheil residents enjoying some fish and chips for dinner by a jetty in Eden.