OPINION: Best of the web, September 14

Council land for church

This is awesome news for Eden and the Aboriginal community.

Marjorie Stares

That's great news. Eden needs this.

Jennifer Mckenna

Tom Burn service award

Congratulations Tom. Wonderful young fellow. Fantastic community spirit.

Jacki Rogers

Outstanding young man. Well deserved Tom. I wish you all the best for your future. Keep up the great work.

Naomi Turnbull 

Congrats Tom. You are an inspiration and a terrific kid as well. Congrats to mum and dad for raising a great community member.

Sharon Tapscott 

 Wow well done Tom! You've got a huge future in front of you.

Jenny Robb

You are a great bloke Tom! So selfless, it's wonderful to know that you are being recognised.

Tracey Hughes-Butters 

Dredge arrives in Eden

It's great to see after approx 10 years, we can actually see that the wharf extension is finally happening. Special thanks must go to Gail Ward, Cruise Eden, Steve Heffernan, Peter Barber, Eden Chamber Presidents who fought valiantly for this to come to fruition! And to Jenny Robb for continuing the cause!

Marge Snijder

Flu deaths at Bupa

Oh my goodness this is terrible not only for the families and friends but to the staff,my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

Jennifer Mckenna

 My pop was one of the people who died at Bupa. He had the flu vaccination but it was a strain that was not in the vaccination. Poor old bugger got double pneumonia as a result of the virus.

Melissa Allan

It's been a terrible season. I'm a Dr in Mudgee and Dubbo. I've never seen this many cases of influenza before! Hopefully with spring starting the end will be in sight.

Kellie Goninan