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Leah Morrison and Olisama Gibson of Mallacoota were a hit at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party Bega Valley SPAN fundraiser on Saturday in Merimbula.
Leah Morrison and Olisama Gibson of Mallacoota were a hit at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party Bega Valley SPAN fundraiser on Saturday in Merimbula.

Karma for treatment

Could not help but smirk when I read that Rex Airlines were bleating about shabby treatment by our local council. I am one of many who has a story to tell about their shabby treatment of their customers.

I recently waited in vain for a delayed flight only to be told at 8pm Sunday night it had been cancelled. I realise full well that breakdowns occur, but that night they had five planes to five destinations all delayed or cancelled.

Rex made no alternative  arrangements except to offer flights Monday morning, these were limited and I missed out.

Despite writing to their PR department I never even got the courtesy of a reply, no compensation, no apology nor any explanation. I don't know if you call it karma or this is just what happens to a business with such poor attitudes to their customers.

Frank Scott, Bega

Will deposit scheme work?

The Daily Telegraph of August 1 advises that through the “Container Deposit Scheme” (CDS) consumers are about to pay up to $0.20 more for drinks in cans and bottles from December 1, 2017.  Supporting this scheme will surely make many of us feel warm and fuzzy, but will it work?  

South Australia has had a CDS since 1977 but is not the cleanest state in the country. Victoria comes top, having reduced litter by almost 60 per cent over the past eight years.  

Victoria’s approach combines public awareness with convenient infrastructure, identifying litter hot spots and installing appropriate bins to create social norms. 

The 2016 Census data shows that for the Bega Electorate the over 65 age group is virtually double the state average (28.4 v 15.8 per cent).  This age group finds it physically difficult enough to get its drink supplies let alone then needing to sort through the empties and take them to a “reverse vending machine” or collection depot.  

What about our existing recycling bins?  Every ratepayer in the Bega Shire pays an annual fee of $402.50 for “domestic waste management”.  This includes the yellow recycling bin which most diligently use!  How much does the Bega Shire Council propose to reduce its charges for domestic waste management? 

With a focus on bottled water, beer and soft drinks and excluding bottles for wine and spirits this scheme cannot be anything but a direct new tax on the poor and the aged.  With entrepreneurs importing reverse vending machines since 2015, costs will be significant.

It is estimated the cost of a 24-can pack of soft drink or beer could rise up to $4.80 each.  Together with skyrocketing power bills, why is our state government also increasing our cost of living through this container deposit scheme?  

It is ludicrous to think that the elderly of the Bega electorate will be able to “take their empty bottles and cans to more than 500 collection points across the state and more than 800 reverse vending machines located in high foot traffic areas like beaches and sport stadiums!”

Few will be able to readily avail themselves of the refunds, continuing as usual to put these items out into their recycling bin.   The net effect is simply an increase in cost, hurting the poor and aged more than anyone else.  Of course if the 800 reverse vending machines were used as simple bins, then NSW could emulate Victoria!

Surely our state government has more important things to manage!  Our Premier Gladys Berejiklian needs to do another “backflip” to cancel this ill considered scheme which profits most those importing the reverse vending machines.

Chris Young, Tura Beach

Thank you

A big thank you to Dr Rajesh and the staff of the SERH for enabling me to regain my precious mobility.  Where would we be if not for the commitment of these wonderful hard working people.

Anne Ayling, Merimbula


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