OPINION: Best of the web, July 13

Hotel Australasia tender

 This old pub needs to be part of the new Eden. Just needs someone creative behind the project.

Jeanette Obri

If Eden's only future going forward is tourism, and it is, then the restored Australasia will be a critical component to its future success.

Graeme Wykes

It was all funded at the start before everyone jumped in and stopped it.

Jo Norks

It is crucial the facade is restored. I would have liked it to stay under BVSC control and be a centrepiece for our town. So sad we have to nervously await the outcome of a tender who maybe is looking at the dollars and not the potential for this building long term.

Gail Ward

Fireworks fizzer

Why should tourists to Eden be encouraged to go to Merimbula for entertainment, taking their tourist dollars with them? This is a down-right poor indictment, too, of the councillors who said they were standing for the interests of Eden in the elections, if they voted for this.

Isabel Robinson

Simple add a $10 fireworks tax to all caravan park bookings over that period. 500bookings and it's funded.

Andrew Steele

Clearly a kick in the guts for Eden. Last year the caravan parks were packed bringing good money into the area. Surely the council could see the viability in funding such an event keeping valuable tourists happy and interested.

Jace Rugg

Defence expansion plan

I lived with the petrol tanks on the lookout for decades. They could have gone up any time. But they didn't. Now I live near the Richmond air base and live ammo training ground. Never a problem.

Karen Carpenter

It’s nothing to worry about, one can only hope it creates more jobs for people who unemployed in the Eden area.

Kevin Mark Walker

Very inflammatory image ... pun intended.

Amanda Stroud


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