"This Eden" sneak peek #3: VIDEO

A still of the old Seahorse Inn, taken from 'This Eden'.
A still of the old Seahorse Inn, taken from 'This Eden'.

Another sneak peek at the Eden Killer Whale Museum’s new promotional video has been released.

‘This Eden’, produced by Adele Video Productions, is nearing completion and will be played and sold at the museum in the near future.

This latest segment focuses on Boydtown.

Boyd left a lasting legacy in Eden.

Boyd’s Tower, 34km south of Eden by road, was built in 1847 from Pyrmont sandstone

An extravagant folly, it was intended to operate as a lighthouse, but the government of the day denied Boyd permission.

The tower instead became a lookout point for whale spotting.

The Seahorse Inn, eight kilometres south of Eden, is Boyd’s major legacy; a mixture of Elizabethan, Georgian and Tudor styles.

Construction began in 1843, using convict labour.

The Inn was part of a larger scheme, Boydtown, but was never completed due to the collapse of the Boyd Empire.

The building was in ruins until Richard Bromby Whiter bought the structure in 1936, and commenced a major restoration.

“The place was in absolute ruins; there wasn’t a pane of glass left in the place,” Richard’s grandson, Robert Whiter, said.

“People had been camping in the building and chopping up the old flooring for firewood.

“Fishermen had been stealing wood out of the roof, to use in their fishing operations.

“Of course, that allowed water to get into the building.

“My grandfather set to work with two of his boys and some other helps, and they got busy restoring the inn.”