Mixed results over Easter for business

Eden businesses have reported mixed fortunes over the traditionally busy Easter period, with few able to pinpoint a single day as their busiest.

Eden Fishermen’s Club CEO John Hurst echoed the thoughts of many, saying the usual rush was more spaced out thanks to the public holidays occurring simultaneously with the NSW and Victorian school holidays.

“Usually Easter is just four days, bang,” Mr Hurst said.

“It wasn’t like that this year, but we were busier during the week than we have been in previous years.

“It just spread out a bit longer and wasn’t as intense.”

Eden Retailers Group president Melanie Warren agreed that the lead-up period was busier than usual, but said her Eden Gas & Gear store was still bustling over the long weekend.

Ms Warren compared the period to something that is more commonly seen later in the year.

“We had a fantastic lead-up to Easter, and Saturday was almost as busy as Christmas,” she said.

“It’s still ticking along for us, and even though it’s only just after the long weekend we have been busier than we would usually be at this time of year.”

Both Eden IGA and Ben Boyd Service Station reported busier than average weeks, but said the holiday period had not provided any great booms.

Adam Inwood from Ben Boyd Service Station said the weekend was “on par” with last year’s traffic, while Eden IGA owner Con Castrissios described the period as “a bit slower than last year”.