Alex Pullin's training on track, literally

Alex Pullin could be Australia’s best chance of winning a medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, later this year. 

“Chumpy” as he is commonly known said the pressure for him to succeed in Russia is not weighing him down, in fact, he revells in the thrill of performing with the country watching. 

Pullin has recently signed on with Samsung to promote a new range of phones and tablets, but Samsung has also been eager to showcase Pullin’s talents in an ad and song it has created to promote the star. 

You might have seen on Youtube or TV the feature ad showing Pullin working with a composer on an Olympics inspired music track. 

Pullin says he wanted a song to get himself psyched up before his events and has worked with Samsung to build it. 

“Emotions in the sport I think are everything,” Pullin said. 

“Most people would admit that music has a big influence over their feelings or emotions.”

 Pullin has been sharing videos and his thoughts during the training process with a team from Samsung to create a promotional series in the lead up to the Olympics. 

“I’m just sort of giving a few bits and pieces of what I do, and hopefully a bit of insight in to the sport and how I feel”

It’s hard to deny having your very own song with your goals in mind wouldn’t get you excited and Pullin says the music he created with Samsung is about his snowboarding. 

“Everything that I do in life relates back to my snowboarding, that’s just who I am.”

The basis of the track is a drum and bass beat, which Pullin feels will get him in tune with the contest. 

“Its like that continued rhythm which is kind of what you try to stay on, it’s what you’re fighting to hold on to when you’re racing. 

“It’s like a drum roll, I’m just amping to get out there. “

Pullin has been hard in training for the Olympics for months and also featured on The Project on Channel 10 last week. 

With the support of his country behind him, there is no doubt that Pullin could be our best chance at a gold medal. 

After winning two consecutive world snowboarding titles and making history, you would have to consider Pullin one of the biggest names in winter sports worldwide. 

Will Pullin bring home the gold we hope he can? 

Only time will tell, but for now Pullin is putting in the earbuds, cranking up the volume and keeping his eyes on the prize. 

“I think it [the song] will be a really good tool for me to have right before I drop into the run.”

• Alex “Chumpy” Pullin stops for a quick photo while training in Perisher recently.

• Alex “Chumpy” Pullin stops for a quick photo while training in Perisher recently.