Boat ramp gets some comfort thanks to clubs, men’s shed

QUARANTINE Bay is now home to beautiful picnic tables and benches thanks to community groups working together. 

Fitz Drenkhan of the Eden Amateur Fishing Club said that idea came from locals clubs putting their heads together to make the foreshore a better area. 

“The idea of putting chairs there originated from a wish list that the three clubs, the yacht club, the game fishing club and the amateur fishing club, put towards council

That included a lot of things but the most important were the chairs,” Mr Drenkham said.

“First thing you want to do when you climb out the boat is have a seat especially if you are feeling a little sea sick.

“There was no seating available near the cleaning tables that are situated down there and when Dad is cleaning the fish, where are mum and the kids going to sit and watch?”

The two fishing clubs helped to fund the project and then approached the Eden Men’s Shed about building the chairs.

Mr Drenkhan said he had previous dealings with the Men’s Shed through different community organisations and so he knew their work was reliable. 

“As soon as I approached council and said we wanted to use the Men’s Shed there was no drama,” he said. 

“The group does some amazing work around the community and the finished product speaks for itself.” 

The groups decided that the chairs were to be installed after the busy season so they could be done quickly with out interruption and were installed earlier this month.

In total, two picnic tables and two benches were put at the location to make the foreshore a more comfortable location for all ages.  

Eden Med’s Shed president Jack Dickson said the group had built many chairs in the community and make quick work of it these days. 

“I think there are around 30 chairs that we have built in and around Eden in the past seven years,” Mr Dickson said. 

“It has become something of a specialty of the Men’s Shed.

“We have a pretty good bunch of men that have a fair bit of skill, so we make quick work of it these days.

“All together it took us four three-hour sessions to build the chairs and one morning to install them.” 

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