The word on birds

Chris Lloyd's worldly knowledge and experience were recently shared with the staff and volunteers at Potoroo Palace.

Chris is an ornithologist who teaches courses all over NSW.

Previously Chris has run courses at Potoroo Palace for wildlife groups and the wider community as well.

This time he chose to spend several days with just three or four people at a time within the Sanctuary in an intensive way.

He also experienced more comfortable accommodation than just a bed in the library, being the first guest at Batty Towers, a newly available accommodation associated with Potoroo Palace, at Pambula.

Nearly a week was spent investigating avian anatomy and physiology, disease and injuries. Demonstrations and hands on practice with crop feeding and rehydration were most popular with many of the staff.

After nearly a week of instruction and light hearted humour by Chris, the final day saw a game few engage in a basic necropsy exercise.

WIRES were lucky enough to have him as chief executive officer from 2005 to 2006, and as training officer from 2003 to 2008.

Chris' offer of more training has been welcomed and the staff at PP will be seeing him again in the near future.

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