Eden Letters to the Editor, October 21

Misguided attacks

Why doesn't SEFR take National Parks to court for mismanagement of the environment, instead of trying to attack a company that sustainably manages their forest along with the Forestry commission.

ANWE has invested a lot into our region's future, just to be attacked by people that have way too much spare time on their hands. Balance is good and sustainable.

SEFR should donate their time to manage National Parks, because its clear they can't do it themselves.

David Wilson, Pambula

No advantage to development

Put simply l object to the development/building of cabins and/or huts in Ben Boyd National Park. This would seem to be a purely commercial venture with no obvious advantage for the park.

Our parks need to be protected to conserve the environment, flora and fauna to enable/assist life to continue on this earth for now and future generations.

Australians lead the world with species extinction, land clearance is out of control. Rubbish and weed infestation are problems that will ensue. Leave our natural wonderlands as they are. I say no to development in our national parks - providing accommodation outside of the parks is the answer

Amanda Scott, Mallacoota

Parks belong to all

I oppose the development of hut accommodation at both Hegarty's Bay and Mowarry Point. The parks belong to everybody, to future generations.

Mile Bozinovski, Thomastown

Losing our wild treasures

We keep invading our wilderness bit by bit, we are losing our last precious wilderness treasures. The very thing that keeps these places special is its remoteness, difficult access but achievable. Once it's made easy, respect eventually gets watered down. People that would normally not go there do. Rubbish gets hidden or left behind, wilderness laziness can creep in.

These places should be left alone as natural treasures and not seen as a money making opportunity

Larry Gray, Mallacoota

Ben Boyd plan makes no sense

This part of Ben Boyd NP has a long history and has been protected for a long time. Now you reckon it's okay to open it up to more visitors when you have been closing tracks and discouraging use. Not making sense.

Jim Clark, Merimbula

Preserve what makes Eden great

It is akin to losing the whale museum or Boyd's Tower - the Eden Fishermen's Co-op building and adjacent land should have been regarded as a heritage and historical site and preserved as such.

The locality and wharf precinct are regarded by both locals and tourists as the first place to visit and that impresses people to stay in the town.

I hope the chamber of commerce and local people can have input into what happens in the area, keep the Pitt Street politicians and hungry developers away.

John Halloran, Kambah, ACT

Popup market solution for wharf

A pop up market space would seem to me to be a quick and effective way to attract people, business and public facility to the Eden wharf area.

Some flexible, affordable power and aesthetic infrastructure would be needed to accommodate and attract a range of small businesses public stalls etc. This could be a temporary or permanent arrangement that would keep the area alive while future plans/ideas are developed/funded. With the flexibility of say modern containerised accommodation, it would allow a turnover of seasonal services/products to keep the wharf area relevant, exciting and colourful.

David Griffin, Eden

A group of Bega Valley Year 12 students drew climate change messages on the pavements of Merimbula, for the School Strike for Climate on October 15.

A group of Bega Valley Year 12 students drew climate change messages on the pavements of Merimbula, for the School Strike for Climate on October 15.