Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo welcomes meerkat pups

Three meerkat pups have been welcomed to parents Mindra and Howell at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

It's the second litter for Mindra and Howell, who welcomed five pups in November 2020.

The latest litter is comprised of one male and two females.

"The pups generally stay in the den for the first couple of weeks of life until they open their eyes and get stronger," meerkat keeper Karen James said.

"The trio has only recently emerged from the den and we are really happy with how they are growing and developing."

The older siblings will help babysit and care for the new pups.

"We are looking forward to watching the pups grow both in size and confidence as they start to explore their habitat more and more," Ms James said.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is still closed in line with COVID-19 regulations, but regular updates will be provided via its social media channels.

"No doubt when the zoo does reopen a visit to see the meerkats will be high on the list of things to do, as they don't stay little for long," Ms James said.

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