THIS IS EDEN + TOWAMBA... with Vicki McCredie, artist and facilitator

THIS IS EDEN + TOWAMBA... with Vicki McCredie, artist and facilitator

How long have you lived/worked in the area?

I came to Towamba at the end of 2005. Even Eden people would say to me that they hadn't been out there for decades. It's one of the most beautiful hidden parts of the shire, and I recommend you take a trip, check out the amazing work on the rock walls and the road, and enjoy the view as you drive into the Towamba Valley. As this goes to print, I am moving to Eden - having a foot in both places as I can't leave completely. The energy of the land , the animals who befriend you, the trees, the river, the sky and stars - spectacularly unique to Towamba. My first time living near the ocean is the initial gift of Eden. The second, the generosity of the people who I meet and know are the friends I just haven't met yet.

What are three words that describe Eden best?

Three words for Towamba: Inspiring, Raw, Independent.

What do you like most about your job?

Towamba is fortunate to have its school. I was able to volunteer and play with the kids, mainly through art, but also with visits to my verandah for copious pots of tea. The children's love sustained me for the 15 years I was at the school as a volunteer. Much fun, mess and laughter filled The Playhouse, with loud COO-EE's as we acknowledge each other as they rode their bikes to school. I would say I have been nanna to lots of kids, sneaking in some educational activities as part of the fun. Word games, reading stories, inventing stories.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

Having bare feet on the ground, my hands in the dirt, growing things, breathing the energy of the Universe, and a few good friends.

What do you think the region needs the most as a community?

The shire boundaries are arbitrary lines on the map. I would like to see us continue to live that kindness, love and generosity the fires and floods generated in us all, reminding us of our deep connections to each other and our shared country.

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