Marlin, tuna on scene for big game anglers

Father and son Ron and Nic Novotny of Tura Beach enjoy a days angling at Merimbula Lake showing Dusky Flathead are on the chew following the rains.

Father and son Ron and Nic Novotny of Tura Beach enjoy a days angling at Merimbula Lake showing Dusky Flathead are on the chew following the rains.

Merimbula Big Game and Lakes Angling Club members are reporting that Marlin and Tuna have arrived in local waters and multiple tag and releases have been had.

Striped marlin can be found all the way from the 40 fathom mark out to the edge of the continental shelf at about 80 fathoms with yellowfin tuna about 15km further out. There are also reports of a fair bit of shark activity even as close in as Haycock's Horshoe Reef, mainly mako and bronze whalers. Game fishing anglers report that there is still a fair bit of debris in the ocean currents following the floods and recommend caution.

Local reefs are producing well with snapper, mowong and gummy shark on offer. Fish along the coastal reefs from Cowdroy (The Pinnacle) north of Tathra, White Rock, Long Point, Haycock, Lennards, North Head, Boyds Tower and Mowarry. Congratulations to Clinton Bush, member who landed a splendid 65cm snapper off Haycock. Ocean flathead are on the chew off Tura Headland, Bournda Island and Turingal Point at 20 fathoms. Further north off Bithry Inlet, fish the same depth for some excellent sandies. Swarms of green oceanic toadfish (smooth puffer fish) have arrived in the deeper waters and gear loss can be a problem. The only solution is to move.

Calamari squid remain plentiful from the Merimbula Fishing Platform and small prawn-like jigs are working a treat. Best time just after dawn and sunset. There have been schools of mac tuna (like a larger bonito) and kingfish schooling beside the wharf. Mac tuna taken on light gear using small silver spinners can give anglers a real run for their money, but remain best used as a bait fish. Congratulations again to Melbourne visitor Frank Daquino who has landed a second magnificent kingfish (16Kg) from the wharf using fresh squid bait beneath a small bobby float.

The Bega River remains muddy from recent rains together with lots of debris. Best results from the launching ramp jetty; bream, tailor and trevally. The Merimbula and Pambula estuaries have cleared a lot following the rains and we anticipate local oysters will be back on the menu this week. As fresh water layers above the salt a lot of fish have congregated in the deeper holes, where the water remains salty. Good size Jewfish (mulloway) are anticipated in these deeper holes. In the lakes good dusky flathead, bream, whiting and trevally are all back on the chew. Pilchards remain a staple bait as well as nippers and soft plastics.

The Club house in Spencer Park will be open on Friday 16 April from 6.30pm. Visitors are very welcome.

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