THIS IS EDEN... with Mick Sawyers of the Rural Fire Service

Mick Sawyers (centre) with his stepsons Lachlan Brown (left) and Josh Brown (right).

Mick Sawyers (centre) with his stepsons Lachlan Brown (left) and Josh Brown (right).

How long have you lived/worked in Eden?

I have worked in Eden for about 25 years. My family grew up in the area and I moved to Eden when I was about 34, when worked at the FIshermen's Club. I have been involved with the soccer club and the Whale Festival for many years.

What do you like most about your job?

The people I work with and helping the community. We help out in lots of different ways, with the Whale Festival and obviously the fire side of things.

What do you like least about your job?

The devastation. The fact that we can't always save everything.

What's your favourite place in Eden and/or the Bega Valley?

Nullica River. The whole family enjoys it, it's very peaceful and beautiful.

If you won $1million what would you do first?

First of I would probably pay off the kids loans and then help out the community with whatever is left.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

Coffee. I'm at the café at 6.30 every morning.

What are three words that describe Eden best?

Beautiful, unique, undiscovered.

What do you think Eden needs the most as a community?

In my opinion, we need a few more people to start getting involved in the community to make the town actually grow in to a better place. There are lots of people already working hard to try and beautify Eden and I think it would be great if more people in the community could get behind some of those projects.

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