Letters to the editor, October 8

GERMAN CULTURE: Peter Stefanovic, Jake Ryan, Jessica Pestana, Chris Donaldson and Monique Jansma celebrate Oktoberfest at Oaklands Barn, Pambula on Saturday.
GERMAN CULTURE: Peter Stefanovic, Jake Ryan, Jessica Pestana, Chris Donaldson and Monique Jansma celebrate Oktoberfest at Oaklands Barn, Pambula on Saturday.

Thoughts on railway

Lets work on extending the runway at Merimbula Airport to accommodate more types of passenger planes first before we figure out other ways to get tourism down to the South Coast

Jake Romano, Merimbula

Many thanks 

I wanted to write this in the hope that the fantastic person/persons who found my wallet near Merimbula Newsagency on Wednesday, September 30 will read this. Thank you so much for your trouble and honesty in taking it to the Merimbula Police Station. I wish I could thank you in person which would be more appropriate. Your actions have saved me much time and effort in replacing cards, licence etc. Many, many, many thank yous.

Shane Grace, Tura Beach

Three months and counting 

Several months ago, I wrote a letter to council and dropped it off at the council office in Bega and then emailed them the same letter; asking if they could adjust two taps in the Pambula street garden.

One of the taps is at the Top Pub Commercial Hotel and the other tap at the butchers corner at JD's Meats.

Both taps are below ground level and very difficult to access and are also covered with a slab of concrete; I have managed these taps myself over the 28 years of looking after these gardens in Pambula.

After advertising to the community for help with the gardens I was happy with the response from the public.

Some of the responses of help were from ladies and I can't expect these ladies to move a heavy slab of concrete (on their knees) to get access to these taps.

Hence my request to council to raise the taps so they are more accessible for everyone concerned.

I did receive a phone call in June from council to let me know this work would be carried out in early July. I might add this is about one hour's work for a plumber.

I could possibly pay for it myself but being council property, this would probably be illegal.

To date nothing has been done.

After 28 years of voluntary work caring for the Pambula gardens and this is the best council can do, very disappointing to say the least.

I am considering pulling the pin - why should I bother!

Des Whitby, Pambula

Rates anger

I just paid my first rates installment for 2020 - $580.06 - and that's for a pensioner.

It was calculated to the last cent - I paid $580 and 5c - that's right - and 5c. I was so angry at how now the rates have risen over the last three to four years, and for what?

I am still even more angry at how Bega Valley Shire Council can calculate my rates so accurately to the last cent, when they cannot even stay within their own budget.

They have recorded the largest deficit in the general fund ever last year alleged to be to the tune of $14.1million and an $8.9million loss for the entire council.

All this without a single word of explanation, apology, whatever. No acceptance of responsibility or accountability on the part of council management or the elected council.

And apparently half of them acknowledge that they don't understand the council's finances.

Wait until (and I sincerely hope not) they try to introduce a further impost with their "swimming pools" SRV cost debacle.

Time to wake up Bega Valley Shire ratepayers.

Eddy Stulpinas, Cobargo

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