Prepare for rain, winds and big seas

The developing east coast low is shaping up to produce some good rain for the area according to independent weather forecaster Dennis Luke.

"From Sunday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime Merimbula could be seeing anything around 50mm but it will depend on how the front shapes up on Sunday," Mr Luke said.

"A lot can change with the shape of the front and can mean the difference between getting 10mm or something much more."

"Once you get into late Monday and Tuesday it starts to look like a really traditional east coast low, more windier than rain," he said.

"On Tuesday the winds will be 40-70kms on the coast but at sea will be double that. Sea heights will be a feature by Tuesday with 5m waves and further north at Narooma and Batemans Bay 6-7m," Mr Luke said.

Mr Luke who goes under the name Aussie Driving Weatherman on social media said that back in March he had predicted a shift towards La Nina weather conditions late in July for this year.

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