THIS IS EDEN...with Eric Wolske, co-owner of Eden Antiques

How long have you lived/worked in Eden?

Almost three years. We were passing through town on our way up the coast and stopped to check out the cruise ship in port, the town was abuzz, we saw the shop for lease and the rest is history. A serendipitous moment!

What do you like most about your job?

The people and conversation. We are fortunate to have a large following of regular guests, local and travellers, and we pride ourselves on recognising returning guests which makes them feel welcome!

What do you like least about your job?

Has to be the cleaning! Where does all the dust come from? The positive is that we don't charge extra for Eden souvenir dust.

What's your favourite place in Eden and/or the Bega Valley?

That's a hard one to answer given that we have such spectacular scenery both on the coastline and inland. I'm a beach person, so Aslings Beach is a drawcard for me!

If you won $1million what would you do first?

Probably squeal and dance like a fool! We've worked hard to get where we are and have managed to get by without "things", but taking time to explore our country is high on the agenda.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

My partner and family. We don't have a big family and we're spread across the country and overseas which makes it hard, but we do our best to remain in contact.

What are three words that describe Eden best?

Proud, resilient and welcoming.

What do you think Eden community needs most?

To maintain the engagement of the whole community, be creative and work closely together to grow/prosper as a visitor and employer destination of choice.

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