COVID-19 Informer: Chief Medical Officer urges anyone with cold, cough to get tested

Chief Medical Officer urges anyone with cold, cough to get tested

The success of the national cabinet during the coronavirus crisis has led the federal and state governments to use it as a blueprint for a future working relationship. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced scrapping COAG and keeping the national cabinet after he met with the state leaders this afternoon.

The national cabinet will continue to meet every two weeks while we are still in the pandemic then look to the future once things settle down. The national cabinet has fewer people in the room and it is hoped politics will be left at the door and the leaders can take action to benefit all Australians.

New cases are barely in double figures across the country each day but as the PM reminded everyone today, "...the risk remains great and always has been. Australia's success can lead some to think that perhaps the risk was never there in the first place? But that is not true".

There are more cases in WA from the live export ship in Fremantle and results for other workers are due later today. And in Victoria, Keilor Downs Secondary College in Melbourne will be closed for cleaning after a student tested positive to COVID-19.

It is important that if you have any symptoms you call you state's public health hotline for advice, which will probably lead to getting tested. Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy this afternoon said that we are doing 30,000 tests a day across the nation. "We would still like to do more tests. We would like every person with an acute respiratory problem, cough, cold, to get tested," Professor Murphy said.

If you haven't been tested it isn't as bad as it sounds (take it from someone who has been tested). And it will no doubt become part of our life for some time yet.

It is also important to be honest with Public Health when you are tested. Queensland authorities are trying to pick their way through the cases in Central Queensland after the death of a man this week. A nurse from Rockhampton is at the centre of the enquiries and authorities said "Her story has changed over the time frame".

Don't forget, now we are all heading back out into the world there are other illnesses you can pick up, so get get yourself a flu vaccine as they are back in stock.

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