Parks Victoria win Supreme Court battle against cattleman Philip Maguire

The plight to save high country brumbies has been lost in the Supreme Court, with Parks Victoria given the go-ahead to start culling.

Omeo cattleman Philip Maguire lost his bid to halt the state-body's feral horse management plan, which is due to begin on Monday.

Supreme Court Justice Steven Moore handed down his judgement on the case at 2.15pm, dismissing Maguire's case.

"The defendant was not required to seek public consultation of the cull in relation to shooting," he said.

Maguire's lawyer Fiona Forsyth said they intend to appeal the decision and make an application for an injunction to stop Parks Victoria from ground shooting brumbies.

Prior to the decision, Maguire posted to the Rural Resistance Facebook page and said if appeals were to also fail, he would put himself in the way of shooters.

"If we lose then we appeal and apply for a new injunction. If that fails we head for the mountains in big numbers and confront them on horses and on foot," he said.

"As many people as we can possibly get. The call will go out around the country. No shooting will be allowed.

"It won't be organised, it will be chaotic because decisions will have to be made at a moments notice."

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