Giant bin night ibis earns praise on Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group

A BENDIGO man has "won the internet" after a bin isolation outing, dressed as a giant ibis.

Golden Square man Brad McDonald donned the four-metre bird to put his bins out on Thursday night.

New to the area, it was the first time Mr McDonald had encountered many of his neighbours.

He created the bin chicken last weekend, in a bid to entertain his children and use up rubbish in the shed.

Its main material was some old pallets. In total construction took about five hours.

Inside was "comfortable, but cosy," Mr McDonald said. He had a window about half the size of an A4 sheet from which to see the world.

Brad McDonald gets into the spirit of bin night. Picture: supplied.

Brad McDonald gets into the spirit of bin night. Picture: supplied.

Mr McDonald tested the bird a few days ago. But its main debut was bin night on Thursday.

Pretty much everyone on the street came out to watch, he said.

And Mr McDonald's kids' reactions? It earned an eye roll from a nine-year-old daughter. But his six-year-old son thought the project was "the best thing since sliced bread".

Mr McDonald joined a growing number of Australians dressing up to take out their bins, as COVID-19 safety regulations shut down social lives.

He chose the ibis in the light of its near victory in the 2017 Bird of Year Competition.

"I felt they just needed someone to fly the flag for them," Mr McDonald said.

Within an hour of posting the video on the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group Mr McDonald had hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

Mr McDonald said most comments said "wonderful", or "fantastic idea". A few even claimed he had "won the internet".

He's got no immediate plans for another outre outfit for the weekly chore. But if his kids still need amusing, Mr McDonald said:

"Maybe something else will come up",

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