Narooma community rallies to make poppy lanterns for ANZAC Day 2020.

With COVID-19 stopping ANZAC Services in public forums nationwide, residents of Narooma lit up the dawn standing in their driveways.

This very personal tribute within the community gained great momentum when Narooma local, Gilly Kearney shared a post late in March from the Aussies and Kiwis for ANZAC Day Facebook page about making lanterns out of milk bottles.

In her wildest imagination Mrs Keaney said she never thought it would start such activity.

Sue Fahey from Narooma Quota made red poppy lanterns and distributed them to residents while fellow Quota members and Heath Rumsey from Naroma Tyres donated 300 tea lights.

Mrs Kearney made and distributed 120 red poppy lanterns across Narooma with help of many friends and Tilba Primary School principal Tania Hextal encouraged her students to make the lanterns as part of a stay at home activity.

"Milk bottles were collected from Narooma Ice Creamery, Chew On Hughes and many friends," Mrs Kearney said.

"It was overwhelming and humbling seeing so many people going about their business to give this tribute momentum and a sense of community.

"It and definitely drew on the spirit of the ANZAC's in resilience and friendship," she said.

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