Mountain Bike trail gaining traction

 The Australian Mountain Bike Summit was held in Derby, Tasmania, Mid November. Photo:supplied.
The Australian Mountain Bike Summit was held in Derby, Tasmania, Mid November. Photo:supplied.

After attending an Australian Mountain Bike Summit held in Derby Tasmania, Mid November, the Eden Trails group are confident Eden has what it takes to become a world class mountain bike destination.

Backed by the Eden Chamber of Commerce and taking inspiration from Derby's trail blazing turnaround from a dying industry town to now a thriving mountain bike destination, Eden Trails committee members Sharon Wellard and Fiona Campbell attended the summit.

While at the conference, Ms Wellard said Eden's prospects were discussed with major industry players including World Trail director Glen Jacobs, who designs and constructs leading mountain bike trails and destinations world wide.

According to Ms Wellard, Mr Jacobs said Eden and surrounds had the right components to become a top class mountain bike destination.

"In his words to us, we're definitely 'heading in the right direction' with our vision and in recognising the potential for Eden as a destination. That feedback was echoed by other conference attendees working in the adventure tourism industry," Ms Wellard said.

"This is not about random tracks in the bush, there are a number of characteristics that make a destination attractive including eateries, character of place and trails built with the environment, flora and fauna thought into the experience."

"And it's not only about Eden. By working with other destinations nearby there is potential for social and economic outcomes for the entire South East NSW," she added.

Although the plans are not set in stone, Eden Trail Group have their sights set on a track through forestry land North West of Eden bounded by Nethercote Road, Broadwater Road and Mount Bimmel ridge line.

"Being able to reach the trail by bike from town makes for an even better destination."

With over 90 people on the Eden Trails mailing list, Ms Wellard said the project was gaining traction.

"The next step is for a destination audit. Once we are successful in that, going through all the right processes we can begin to look for funding," she said.