Community book chats set to begin

Since it's launch at the end of October the One Book One Community initiative has hit the ground running with readers all around the Bega Valley sharing in the love of reading.

The idea of one community sharing a book seems to be popular amongst locals with copies of highly acclaimed author Favel Parret's book 'There was still love' being shared widely amongst individuals and community groups.

But it's not only reading the book that the initiative is all about. There are couple more steps involved in the OBOC journey and one of those involves talking about the book.

As well as encouraging as many people in the Bega Valley to read the book, co-organiser of OBOC Michael Palmer said he hopes people will get together to "chat" the book. This chatting will help people process the novel as well as brainstorm ideas and discussion points ready for when the author visits the valley in February.

"People are encouraged to get together in groups to chat about what they enjoyed about the book, what they'd like to ask or discuss when they meet the author, " Mr Palmer said.

Those taking part in OBOC as individuals are encouraged to chat online or participate in a Bega Valley library book chat which are set to begin this coming weekend.

The first one hour chat will be held at Bega Library on Saturday, December 7 commencing at 11.30am, the following will be held at the Tura Marrang Library on Tuesday, December 10 at 10.30am.

Eden book chats will take place in January, dates to be confirmed.