How we got here: Group 16 season wrap

An interactive look at the ladders across an 18 week Group 16 season showing just how teams made it to the finals ahead of the grand final this weekend.
An interactive look at the ladders across an 18 week Group 16 season showing just how teams made it to the finals ahead of the grand final this weekend.

It's been one of the longer Group 16 seasons with an 18-week draw culminating in grand final play this Sunday.

We wanted to look at the raw numbers and show how the finals came about with team positions on the table.

You can click on the Rank or Scores button on each graph to see how the places, or the points unfolded across the full 18-week season.

First grade

After an intense season that saw one of the closest battles at the top of first grade in more than a decade we wanted to look into the season and see how the teams came to the top of the pile.

Looking at the leaderboard, it looks like round eight had a defining impact in the time frame where the Bega Roosters escaped the emerging hustle for points in the pack.

The Sea Eagles, Tigers, Blue Heelers, Sharks and Bulldogs all got in the hunt.

The Blue Heelers were one of the biggest winners, rising from behind the back to sit on a second-place trajectory by round 16.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were the Moruya Sharks, who shaped as early season favourites and were within striking distance throughout the season, falling outside the top five in round 18 alone.


The reserve grade shaped as the biggest roster in the competition this year with the return of the Snowy River Bears, while Candelo-Bemboka continues as a standalone reserve grade contingent.

The reserves also had a tight cluster at the top that was separated a little earlier in the season, but the Snowy River Bears were neck and neck with the Roosters right up until round 10.

A tight battle also emerged between the Sharks, Tigers and Blue Heelers with the Heelers fading away in the last couple of rounds to see Moruya and Eden go into finals with a matching scoreline.

At the bottom end of the table, the Devils and Bay Tigers both flat-lined after about round eight.


The women's league-tag competition was one of the toughest draws to separate at the top, while there was also a wonderful battle forming in the middle ranks.

The Bega Chicks were level pegging with the defending premiers from Eden and last year's grand finalists out of the High Heelers right until round 13.

Even then, the Chicks only got through with a two point buffer to clinch the minor premiership in the final round, while the Heelers were able to build a two point advantage from Eden in round 15 and hold out until the end.

A great battle also emerges with the Moruya Sharkettes dropping some late results, while the Cooma Fillies finish the season strong to even the score and lock out the top five places.

Under 18s

The under 18s was the smallest of all the grades with just five teams starting and only four of those finishing the year with the Bay Tigers withdrawing following too many forfeits.