Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, September 12

Foresight a credit

At last there is someone taking the Australasia and doing something with it. With Neil's foresight it will be a credit to Eden. Congratulations on your purchase Neil and good luck with you endeavour .

Shereen Green, Nethercote

Sense and vision

Could not be in more capable hands. Thank goodness for common sense and vision finally.

Shiralee Hjorth, Eden

In full support

I can't think of a better person to take this project on. Congratulations Neil, you have my full support.

Graham White, Eden

Best outcome

Neil Rankin buying the Hotel Australasia is the best outcome I could have imagined. The current white render reeks of a time where opinion was misconceived as an effort to save it. Neil is actually doing something, not sitting behind a keyboard saying "council should fix this".

Neil is an active member of the community, a go-getter, a mover and shaker. He will give this pub what it deserves and I hope the town supports him with minimal ridicule and opinion. I also hope it gets its old brick and wrought iron facade back like the days of the Pike's Hotel. I am in full support.

Lachlan Esplin, Eden

Capable hands

Congratulations Mr Rankin for taking on the task. On a personal level, although only quite new to the area, I fell in love with this old building from the first time I saw it. If I ever won lotto it was a dream of mine to restore it so have been interested in who will eventually buy it. I'm interested in its history and can't wait to see it alive again in your very capable hands.

Ruth Meadows, Tura Beach

Grateful community

Well done Neil, I hope the town is grateful for you buying the Australasia Hotel. I also think that all those who protested to keep the hotel should also do some fundraising to help you out. It's going to cost a lot to get it back to the way it was. I hope it's open next year as we would book a day for Stumpy Devlin's 60th.

Dennise Devlin, Serpentine, WA

Wasting our money

The mayor and some of the councillors have been, and continue to be, willing to waste a massive amount of ratepayers' money in order get the Australasia into private hands.

Council originally allocated $1million towards purchase and restoration. The purchase price was $535,000 leaving $465,000. However by September 2018, council had already spent $170,000 with nothing to show for it, including $70,000 on maintenance that appears to be non-existent.

$465,000 minus $170,000 leaves $295,000 but the waste doesn't end there

Now council plans to lose a lot more money by selling at a loss. Money that could have been spent adding value is now going to be thrown away with nothing to show for it.

At the last council meeting, Cr Mitchell Nadin said council will take a hit cost wise. Cr Jo Dodds said when the community becomes aware of the concessions that were made they will not be happy. Cr Sharon Tapscott said the only one to benefit was a third party.

The mayor, who has been negotiating with the buyer, voted to sell.

Our council is selling off not just a council property, but also the only council owned access between Imlay Street and the car park, and it is doing so at a loss, having refused to explore other options such as grants.

How big will the loss be? Apparently we have to wait until settlement then find out when it is fait accompli.

Amanda Midlam, Eden

Sapphire Coast Four Wheel Drive Club members John and Pattie Barnard of South Pambula visit historic Burnima Homestead in Bombala on Saturday

Sapphire Coast Four Wheel Drive Club members John and Pattie Barnard of South Pambula visit historic Burnima Homestead in Bombala on Saturday