WIRES rescues joey from dead mother left by the roadside at Pambula

Janine Green and joey.

Janine Green and joey.

Last week a man named Warwick from Pambula heard that some workers had dragged a dead red-necked wallaby that had been hit by a car from Mt Darragh Rd.

He asked if it was male or female and they were uncertain so he said if it was a female you should have checked the pouch.

He asked where they had placed the wallaby and they showed him. It was a female with a joey - very much alive in her pouch. He called WIRES FSE volunteer Janine Green who drove out to pick up the joey and she remains in care. She is one very lucky wallaby that a member of public cared.

If you see an animal on the side of the road that has been spray painted it means that a wildlife carer has stopped and checked whether it is alive or dead, male or female, and have checked the pouch.

If you would like to become a WIRES volunteer go to www.wires.org.au and complete an online theory course before a one day practical course which will be held at Bega on October 19.

This story 'This is why we check the pouch' first appeared on Merimbula News Weekly.