Instantaneous ready for middle distance assault at Dapto

Four paws: The flying Keybow in action at Albion Park. Picture Brisbane Greyhounds.
Four paws: The flying Keybow in action at Albion Park. Picture Brisbane Greyhounds.

Trainer Peter Sims heads to Dapto on Thursday with two live chances in Instantaneous and Cawbourne Sophie.

The pair will carry the hopes of favourite backers with Instantaneous making his middle distance debut (over 600m) in Race 4 at 8.22pm.

Though best drawn wide, Instantaneous will get room to move early as he has a noted slow beginner (Smokey Retreat) to his inside and vacant alley to the outer.

In Race 6 (9.07pm), Cawbourne Sophie has come up with the rails alley and is also guaranteed clear air in the first few bounds. Willy Wolfenden (box 2) has been scratched and the daughter of Swift Fancy faces only four rivals.

Earlier in the night, the speedy Firekey (Race 3 at 7.58pm) will start an odds on elect to add his eighth win to her resume at start 12. The daughter of Keybow is a near faultless beginner and has drawn box 1.

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The mix of high speed and and a favourable draw makes the Andrew Mulrine-trained lass the best bet of the night.

Tonight's comment for the 9-race card at Dapto:

Race 1

BRAVE ETHICS (Tony Pagano): Down the track in three outings since 3/4 len 2nd in 23.16 at Richmond Jul 3. Latest box manners have no been good. Pass.

RECODE (Pompeo Vallario): Finished 3 1/2 lens away when 2nd (of two) in slow 25.72 Goulburn trial Jul 23. Prefer to see at this track and trip.

STOLEN JEWELS (Mark Knowles): Placed for the 5th time at start 6 when 1 1/2 lens 2nd in 25.29 at Goulburn Aug 6. Quickly led from box 6 last time and expected to measure up again.

SIERRA MOON (Jacqui Davis): Always well back from box 6 when 3 1/4 lens 5th in 25.13 at Goulburn Aug 6. Mixes box manners and has the job ahead from this alley.

RUN RUN ROVER (Lesley Hannaford): Trialled four times for this debut outing, latest in 30.58 here Aug 1 (solo). Chance in an open affair.

OSCAR'S ALIBI (Chris Madonis): Reliable beginner which was 18 1/2 lens away in 30.22 here Aug 1 when badly hampered at the start and again at the first turn. Gets another chance.

FANTASTIC SHELL (Jason Fletcher): Posted 20.22 in solo trial at Goulburn Aug 1 before 11 lens 4th in 23.50 at Bulli Aug 10. Well related and merits respect.

Race 2

SECRET SOOT (Ron Alcock): Never threatened from box 7 when 7 lens 6th in 18.94 at Richmond Aug 9. Well held in two recent starts here and others preferred.

RUNWAY OSCAR (Andrew Bell): At the tail in two outings following 1 1/4 lens 3rd in 19.02 at Richmond Jul 26. Mixes box manners and this will test.

MY MUM ELYCE (Andrew Bell): Always well back from box 7 when 3 1/4 lens 6th in 16.20 at Gardens Aug 9 at first start for new kennel. Prefer to see here.

COSMIC POKER (Kerry Zantiras): Mixed form at Bathurst and Bulli last month. Can show speed but new here and this middle alley complicates matters.

WALLY GATOR (John Grech): Safely held from box 3 when 5 3/4 lens 5th in 17.12 at this trip here Aug 1. Tested again.

IRISH MODEL (Barry Burnet): Veteran which has managed only 3 wins from 120 lifetime outings. Merely making up the numbers.

RACING BOOTS (Stephen Arnold): Solid effort from box 3 when 3 1/2 lens 3rd in 17.64 at Dapto Aug 1. Suited in this class and handles wide boxes well. The one to beat.

PERFECT EVEREST (Gary Eslick): At long odds when 5 1/2 lens 4th in 20.89 at Nowra Aug 12. Better drawn now and has won here in 17.33. Right in contention.

Race 3

FIREKEY (Andrew Mulrine): Speedy customer which has won 7 from 11. Posted 18.89 all-the-way win from box 6 at Richmond Jul 10 before 17.10 (box 8) win here Aug 1. Drawn to get the job done.

BRAEBY GOT BACK (Jordan Tweddle): At long odds and well held when 5 3/4 lens 3rd to Friskey here Jul 25 in cracking 16.83. Tested again.

FLO JO FOCUS (Matthew Martin): Results had been solid before 4 3/4 lens 4th in 23.05 at Gardens Aug 19. Can show good dash but latest box manners have been mixed. Will be afforded no mistakes.

JENNA BALE (Randall Walter): Mixed form locally and at Richmond before 2 1/4 lens win in 18.61 at Potts Park Aug 10. Preferred in something easier.

SPRITELY MAE (Tony Pagano): Well held from box 1 when 4 3/4 lens 4th in 17.73 (best) at Richmond Aug 9. Merits respect on 22.60 all-the-way win from box 8 there Jul 3.

CHROMOSOME FOUR (Ron Alcock): Accounted for age restricted company in 17.15 here Aug 1 before 4 1/4 lens 4th in 22.90 at Richmond Aug 9. Can measure up on best form.

KENO JAKE (Mark Bell): Started fav but could only manage 2 1/4 lens 4th in 22.83 at Bulli Aug 3. Local record is solid and handles wide boxes. Stays under notice.

Race 4

SMOKEY RETREAT (Andrew Bell): Always well back from box 3 and never threatened when 15 3/4 lens 6th in 36.60 over 630m at Nowra on Monday. Better drawn now but lacks pace and this is not easy.

INSTANTANEOUS (Peter Sims): Outpaced early on from box 4 and finished just on 5 lens away when 4th in 29.95 at WP Aug 10. Back in class and appears well placed at this distance range.

SNOOKER DAVE (Andrew Bell): Not managed a place in five outings since 13 1/4 lens 3rd in 24.94 at Goulburn Jul 9. Lacks pace and this looks too tough.

CANNON RUN (Marie Burton): Improved sharply to land 35.03 all-the-way win from box 2 here Aug 1 before 10 3/4 lens 6th from box 6 at WP Aug 10 in 29.95. Take on trust.

JUST NIMBLE IT (Greg Hore): Lacks pace. Hindered early from box 5 but stuck to the task when 9 lens 2nd in 30.73 (best) at Richmond Aug 9. Suited at 600m but an inside alley is preferred.

WINNIE ALLEN (Simon Rhodes): Led from box 4 and untroubled when 30.30 winner at WP Jul 31. Up top 720m for the first time and landed 42.39 win there Aug 8. Must respect.

Race 5

PRINCE PADDY (Gary Eslick): Not managed a place in three local outings. Poor beginner and prepared to risk.

TOPPER BRAX (Fran Harris): Local results had been consistent before 12 3/4 lens last in 30.25 at WP Aug 10. Moves away from box 5 and this is a more suitable target. Respect.

INSANE VENOM (Brad Van Deinsen): Back from a break with 22.78 win from box 5 at Gosford Jul 30. Followed with 10 1/2 lens 5th in 23.10 at Gardens Aug 10 and looks to have the job ahead again.

CANYA LILLY (Jodie Lord): Away cleanly from box 3 when sound 3 lens 3rd in 26.70 at Bulli Aug 10. New here and yet to be tested at 520m but expected to measure up.

STRIKING (Craig Chappelow): Consistent placegetter at Goulburn and WP in recent weeks. Closest at the finish when 6 1/4 lens 3rd in 29.98 at WP Aug 8. Has won here in 30.15 and this is not tough. Right in contention.

CHILLI CHEAL (Ken Burnett): Quickly led from box 7 and got right away at the first turn to score by 18+ lengths in 30.22 here Aug 1. A similar effort will take this out.

DUAL FOCUS (Garry Edwards): Away smartly from box 1 and landed 2 lens win in 21.02 at Nowra Jul 22. New here and untried beyond 365m. Each way.

Race 6

CAWBOURNE SOPHIE (Peter Sims): Battled on without threatening from box 7 when 6 1/4 lens 2nd in 29.89 at WP Aug 8. Better drawn this time and suited grade-wise. The one to beat

WILLY WOLFENDEN (Andrew Bell): Scratched.

PETER THIEF (Stephen Arnold): Most consistent before 14 1/2 lens 7th in sizzling 24.68 at Goulburn Aug 6. Slow to begin from box 6 last time and in trouble in a strong race. Gets another chance.

DYNA FIVER (Steven Nash): Scratched.

MURPHEY (Allan Syphers): Scratched.

ISAAKO (Craig Chappelow): Closed late when 1/2 len 2nd in 20.90 at Goulburn Jul 16. Not a reliable beginner and minor claims are best again.

LADY STARK (Ken Burnett): Quickly led from box 4 and sailed clear to score by 7 lens in 30.08 here Aug 1. Had no experience from wide boxes but remains a major player.

MIDNIGHT CRASH (Cliff Bell): Not a good beginner and placed only once in four starts here. This looks too tough.

Race 7

VIVARCHI (Mark Bell): Back to best with 30.22 win from box 3 at WP Apr 27 before 6 1/4 lens 6th in 29.87 there May 4. Back in class and tough to toss.

DYNA CORTINA (Simon Rhodes): Failed twice since finished solidly to score in 30.26 at WP in a mixing affair Jul 24. This will test.

SOARING HAWKE (Greg Hore): Veteran which landed 24.95 win in weaker class at Gunnedah Aug 4 before 5 lens 5th in 20.29 at Goulburn Aug 8. Should not be far away at any stage.

GINA SPAGHETTI (Mark Bell): Results have been mixed since 30.11 win from box 6 at Gardens Jun 14. Awkwardly drawn and minor claims are best.

WINSOME STRIDE (Marie Burton): Failed twice since 30.06 all-the-way win from box 6 at Nowra Jul 29. Winner of 5 races here at this trip (best 30.01) but tested from this alley.

STILTON SOX (Phil Goodsell): Just over 7 lens away when 4th in 26.70 at Bulli Aug 10. Latest box manners have not been flash and prepared to risk.

ELECTRIC SILK (Jodie Lord): Faced tougher company when 6 1/4 lens 5th in 29.02 at Bulli Jul 20. Won 3 from 4 here incl 29.75 and will come in for strong support.

Race 8

VANSITTART (Michael Jenner): Completed a hat-trick of wins in 22.59 (best) at Bulli Aug 10. New here yet has won at Gosford in smart time over 515m and drawn to get a saloon passage.

COMMUNITY VALUES (Lesley Hannaford): Not a reliable beginner. Always well back from box 5 when 18 1/4 lens last in 25.21 at Goulburn Jul 16. Happy to risk at this stage.

TOPPER PHOENIX (Fran Harris): Mixed form since slow 30.90 all-the-way win from box 1 here Jul 11. This looks too tough.

BUGATTI SPARK (Jacqui Davis): Well held in four outings since 25.11 win from box 8 at Goulburn Apr 18. Awkwardly drawn and looks tested.

LAVISH PEDRO (Jeff Alaban): Back to best with 30.15 all-the-way win from box 8 here Aug 1. Up in class when 2 1/2 lens 4th in 30.14 at WP Aug 10. Right in this/

ELECTRIC LOTTO (Greg Hore): Veteran which lacks pace and not managed a win for 13 months. Looking to others.

RILEY ALLEN (Simon Rhodes): Struggled at Richmond and Nowra in recent weeks. Lacks pace and cannot recommend.

SUNBURNT CITY (Judy Richardson): Always well back from box 2 when 5 1/4 lens 5th in 30.02 here Jul 25. Latest box manners have been mixed. Preferred in something easier.

Race 9

CHAMPNESS ROAD (Pat Daly): Mixed form locally and at Richmond before neck win from box 6 at Potts Park Aug 10 in 18.46. Drawn to make matters interesting.

BIG WAL (Randall Walter): Had box 4 when neck 2nd to Champness Road at Potts Park Aug 10 in 18.46. Minor claims best again.

CRAZY KYLIE (Larry Warren): Mixed form since 20.55 win from box 6 in a mixing affair at Goulburn Jul 18. Place claims best.

JUGUNGAL QUEEN (Emma Kitchen): Struggled locally before 2 1/4 lens 2nd in 16.61 at Potts Park Aug 10. Preferred in something easier.

LIZZY KEEN (Allan Syphers): In good form at Gunnedah and Tamworth in July before a short break. New here yet suited at this trip. Respect.

DYNA ACACIA (Simon Rhodes): Just on 8 lens away when 5th in 22.92 at Richmond Aug 9. Can show a turn of speed and has won here in 17.28. Stays under notice.

GIVE US PEACE (Andrew Bell): At long odds and never in the mix from box 5 when 11 lens 7th in 23.30 at Gardens Aug 10. Capable of better but not won for just on 5 months.

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