Snow at AFL at GWS Giants, Hawthorn Hawks clash at Manuka, Canberra

Bega Bombers Luke, Charlie, Harry, Hamish, Hayden, coach Amelie, Jack and Amber brace against the chill. (absent: Callum and Thomas)
Bega Bombers Luke, Charlie, Harry, Hamish, Hayden, coach Amelie, Jack and Amber brace against the chill. (absent: Callum and Thomas)

Bega Valley kids have helped make history at Manuka Oval on Friday night.

Many believe it was the first time in history snow had fallen during a senior VFL/AFL game with players from the Bega Bombers joining the fray for half-time junior displays.

In front of almost 12,000 brave souls who ventured out despite the bitter chill, a group of nine players from the Bombers were not to be deterred from taking the field parents and officials said.

When the first flakes of white began drifting on to the Canberra ground during the Hawthorn Hawks and GWS Giants game, some parents were left asking if the half-time display would go ahead.

But Bombers president Stephen Nicol said resilient and determined was an understatement.

"The kids were so pumped, they were just ecstatic," Mr Nicol said.

"To be honest they probably had more fun in the snow than if it had been a sunny day," Rod McDonald adds, echoing the sentiment.

Unlike their senior counterparts, the juniors were all given the concession of wearing their trackies under the playing gear and raced out to play in front of the cheering crowd.

"It's a great opportunity for the kids to get exposure like that in front of a big crowd and they loved it," Mr McDonald said.

Mr Nicol said it had been a "bit chaotic" organising in the wild weather, but said the kids loved every minute, getting to run the boundary after their game and getting some high fives.

The crowd thinned out after the half-time display and Mr Nicol said unless you were a hardcore Hawks or Giants fan, few were sticking it out.

Officials said the "feels like" temperature dropped to minus seven after the first bout of snow in the opening quarter.

Then there was Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson proving the outlier, getting around in shorts and a polo shirt after the final siren.

"We've got a young kid, CJ [Jiath], playing his first game. He was born in far different conditions to what we played in," Clarkson said.

"It's amazing that we've been playing this game for 100 years and it's the first time it has ever been played in snow. It just happens to be the day CJ plays his first game. He was born in Sudan of all places.

Mr Nicol said the half-time play was an excellent send off for the kids who finished their Auskick and under 10s season last week.

"The under 10s has been a great inclusion to the program this year after long efforts to get it started," he said.

"The kids would all be lamenting the finish to the year because they loved it, but this was a nice sendoff.

"The under 10s format has been a real highlight and it's wonderful to see people embracing it."