Letters to the editor, August 1

BIG DAY OUT: Young Archie was spotted dressed to the nines at the Eden Cup on Sunday. Will he be a trainer or a bookie?
BIG DAY OUT: Young Archie was spotted dressed to the nines at the Eden Cup on Sunday. Will he be a trainer or a bookie?

Walk plans make sense

There has been much misinformation thrown around about the Light to Light Draft Strategy. As a keen user of the area I was totally opposed to it, but having now read the entire strategy document I have changed my position and now support the development.

After going through the proposal, it is clear that the public has not been "locked out" - we can still to do the walk independently, still walk in or drive in camp at Saltwater or Bittangabee - no change.

There is still day use access to Mowarry Point, Hegartys Bay and Leather Jacket Bay.

In my opinion the proposed track rerouting will actually improve the walk taking it through more picturesque landscape whilst protecting sensitive areas.

So, there is no longer informal camping at Mowarry Point, Hegartys Bay and Leather Jacket Bay and there is the development of the hut to hut style option. The hut developments are pretty low key, sustainable basic bases appropriate to location and use I feel.

Yes, this is development, yes, it is change but on examination it is sensible, sustainable and appropriate development compared to other development options for our region (like flight schools).

This is a reasonable eco-tourism development that is appropriate in scale and character, well designed and thoughtful, it allows access for a broader range of the community rather than being restrictive. I believe it will generate meaningful employment and significant economic run-off whilst still allowing the conservation values and community enjoyment of the park to continue.

Steve Jackson, Buckajo

Mountain road

I'd love to see where the crashes are happening on the mountain, as I drive the road six days a week and have only ever come across three crashes this year - with kangaroos and wombats being the problem. It's only been this year in the last 10, they have resurfaced the road and it's still no good.

Sam Grant, South Pambula

Change would benefit

Unless there is a horribly skewed set of circumstances then statistics generally show an accurate picture of a situation. In this case anyone having traveled down this particular roadway will see that on the main the speed limits are certainly generous for that stretch of road.

Unless you are of the 'I'm a good driver though', 'I've driven this road for 40 years' or 'it's the other idiots on the road' class then most people would see the benefit of suitable changes.

Wayne Dunne, Tura Beach

Teach people to drive

There's a lot of people that have been driving this road for years, they drive to the conditions whatever they are. We don't need to change speed limits, we need to teach people how to drive, instead of just teaching them how to get a licence.

The roads around the coast are better than they ever were, vehicles are better and safer than they ever were, the only problem seems to be that so many now don't seem to be able to drive. People need to realise when they get behind the wheel, that should be the only thing on their mind, concentrate and watch, everybody would be much better off. Speed signs on the side of the road aren't going to stop more of the same. I think people get a false sense of security with modern cars, airbags everywhere, sensors front, side, behind and under, I'll be safe just let her rip, it'll drive itself, see if I get there.

Greg Whitby, Pambula

Strongly disagree

I strongly disagree with this decision. It will affect a lot of people who know how to actually drive the mountain to the conditions. Please don't let tourists ruin it for the locals. If it is because of cyclists maybe consider adding a dedicated part of the road just for them.

John McFarlane, Mt Darragh


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