Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, June 27

Declare allegiance

Not for the first time have I written to this newspaper, demanding that authors of letters with political agendas declare their political associations. However, yet again, Jon Gaul has written a party-politic letter and failed to disclose his role as a senior office bearer in the Liberal Party.

He is notorious for trying to represent himself as 'Joe Average', as we saw when he made an oral submission to the 'Inquiry into the implications of removing refundable franking credits' public meeting held in Merimbula. Twenty-four hours later he was outed as a Liberal Party stooge by the national media who had subsequently made some investigations into his background.

Interestingly, Jim Molan's personal campaign to seek Senate re-election, to which Mr Gaul refers, was contrary to the pre-selection agreement the Liberal Party had with their Nationals coalition partners. Those in the Liberal Party who acted contrary to the direction of head office could be the subject of severe sanctions or even expulsion from the party. Is this perhaps why Mr Gaul has failed to disclose his presidency of a local Liberal Party branch?

David Neyle, president, Tathra branch, NSW Labor

Tragic anniversary

Sunday, June 23, marks 12 months since David Brand went for his last bike ride, less than 20km from his home in Merimbula.

Tragically his peaceful ride that day was destroyed by a road rage incident that left him with catastrophic injuries from which he never recovered.

No-one should have to endure the agonies his family suffered over the 10 days that followed, until his loving wife Louise made the devastating decision to turn off his life support.

The circumstances surrounding David Brand's death need to be fully investigated and to achieve this Louise has formally requested a Coronial Inquest.

On Friday, June 7, members of Bega Tathra Safe Ride accompanied Louise to a meeting with local MP Andrew Constance at his Bega office.

We would like to acknowledge the genuine concern and understanding that Andrew expressed to Louise during the meeting.

His kind offer to write a letter in support of her request for a Coronial Inquest is comforting to her as she deals with the anniversary of David's death.

Bega Tathra Safe Ride fully supports Louise Brand's request. It has been inspiring for us to see a person, who has experienced such a devastating loss, working so hard for justice for David, while also constructively advocating for road safety improvements that will benefit all road users, not just those on bikes.

In February this year Louise Brand was not obliged to read her Victim Impact Statement to the court but did so because, as she stated, "he [David] would have done that for me".

She can also be confident that, just as she has done, he would have requested a Coronial Inquest and campaigned for road safety improvements.

All of us can recognise in these determined actions a person truly committed to honouring the memory of their much loved partner of 40 years.

Doug Reckord, secretary, Bega Tathra Safe Ride

Customers come first

I recently read in the Sunday paper an advertisement form "which" bank offering lots of incentives to use the bank.

In the mid seventies I had $24,000 and wanted to borrow $6000 to buy a house, but they couldn't help me. I had banked with them for 19 years, always had a secure job and played squash with the accountant who said if I transferred funds from the credit union to the bank they might think about it.

I secured funds elsewhere at a cheaper rate, but now I smile at the advertisement trying to get customers "when you already had me in the first place".

Robin Gauld, Bega

Dacschund owners from as far as Eden joined a World Dacschund Day gathering and river walk in Bombala on the weekend.

Dacschund owners from as far as Eden joined a World Dacschund Day gathering and river walk in Bombala on the weekend.