Horoscopes: week beginning June 9

Horoscopes: week beginning June 9

ARIES: Between June 9 and July 4 improved communications will become a daily feature, enhancing relationships with neighbours and kindred alike. This is also a favourable period for commerce and trade, bringing actively daily business. These twenty-five days are generally favourable for travel, although not on June 23-25.

TAURUS: The cash flow picks up unusually so during the month from June 9, so you won't mind being tantalised by all the goodies you can buy. Personal efforts and the fulfilment of responsibilities will also ensure financial rewards. Some Taureans will be pleased with a pay rise. June 23-25 present difficulties.

GEMINI: Between June 9 and July 4, increased opportunities to enjoy special moments with loved ones will put a sparkle in the air. You'll have more time to do as you please. For those romantically inclined, this period will bring many special moments. Positive developments are likely around children and there could also be a little extra money through a flutter.

CANCER: Only a few select friends will enjoy the privilege of your company in the twenty-five days from June 9, with many Cancerians preferring to catch a few moments alone. For some, secretiveness around a romance is indicated. Home entertainment is a more appealing option during this time. Trends are activated on June 23-25.

LEO: You will be the centre of the social set in the twenty-five days from June 9, as invitations to social functions broaden your horizons and regular contacts with friends brings some pleasure into your life. You are also more easily able to achieve your goals and some will find an unexpected amount of cash coming their way.

VIRGO: Your career efforts are likely to be more productive and satisfying in the time between June 9 and July 4. There is also success and recognition in your efforts related to an academic, advertising, legal or foreign matter. Relationships with parents could also be enhanced whilst long distance travel is also favoured.

LIBRA: You will gain more through your associations especially with those involved in the arts, law, education or any of the professions during the twenty-five days from June 9. There is also an increased likelihood of contact with those abroad or interstate, whilst some will travel to far distant places. Activation dates are June 23-25.

SCORPIO: The loan upon which you are waiting, or refund cheque, may be just around the corner as Venus is in your eighth solar house between June 9 and July 4. This is also a very favourable period for your partner, financially. There are aspects of your relationship which require a little work but there is also a special intimacy indicated.

SAGITTARIUS: Your personal life will be much happier and more fulfilling in the twenty-five days from June 9. The eligible may meet someone new whilst established love relationships flourish. This seems to be a fairly profitable period for business partnerships, and is also a good time to make amends where appropriate.

CAPRICORN: Health matters will generally improve and greater pleasure will be derived through your work, as a result of Venus' transit of your sixth solar sector between June 9 and July 4. You are more easily able to attain recognition for your endeavours and certainly have an amount of creative leeway at your disposal. Difficulties occur on June 23-25.

AQUARIUS: Leisure activities with family members, along with holidays and entertainment in general, will occupy more of your thoughts and time between June 9 and July 4. Children will thrive and achieve under this trend whilst romance may be kindled in the heart of many an Aquarian. June 23-25 is counteractive against positive trends.

PISCES: Many Pisceans will feel inclined to beautify their home through interior decoration or festive occasions during the twenty-five days from June 9. Certainly, a love of home and family is strongly accentuated then. There may also be some travel in connection with a family member during this period. Take care when negative trends are operating on June 23-25.

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