Eden Magnet Letters to the Editor, May 23

Airly Embelton Mew and Gina Quinn look after the Mallacoota Pony Club BBQ on election day.
Airly Embelton Mew and Gina Quinn look after the Mallacoota Pony Club BBQ on election day.

Concern with plans

I am very concerned that council is agreeing to allow vehicular access in the laneway beside the former Hotel Australasia in order to sell this property (Magnet, 16/5).

With our new patchwork free footpaths Imlay St has become a more pleasant place for locals and visitors alike to shop, stroll and sit; however, it took many people many years for this to become a reality.

It began in the early 1990s when Eden's image was identified as "a natural paradise" with Eden's maritime identity introduced to Imlay St by colour and the tall shapes of the Norfolk Island pines already at Snug Cove and the mast street lights.

The historic flag mast at the roundabout was already in place being erected in 1983 for Eden's Sesqui celebration.

The aim was to create a strong visual link from the highway roundabout to the wharf precinct to encourage travellers to stop and explore Eden rather than bypassing Eden.

After further years of community lobbying, consultation and planning Bega Valley Shire Council completed major streetscape work in 2016 at the considerable cost of $1.5million. A main reason for this investment was to strengthen existing businesses and create new opportunities for growth.

Therefore, after all the planning and costs occurring over time for a positive outcome, as a ratepayer I would like to know why council is prepared to accommodate a property developer's plans for vehicular access for the laneway rather than considering pedestrian safety, especially with the influx of tourists off cruise ships and in peak holiday times let alone the destruction of the new footpath whose seamless continuity is both a visual and safety asset?

As a ratepayer I also question the need for vehicular access via the laneway when council purchased a property in Chandos St in September 2014 for $224,000 where the house was demolished and a second car park entrance/exit was constructed to accommodate all vehicles, including buses.

So, why is council considering selling this car park entrance/exit parcel of land pending the outcome of what happens with the Hotel Australasia?

Sue Horton. Eden

First time home buyers

Scott Morrison is giving people's money away again with first time home buyers' loans - $7000 and $20,000 and now help with their deposit. This is a big handout for the banks.

Within 18 months the banks will have the lot, including their homes, because they won't be able to pay it back and most will be working two or three jobs and if they lose their jobs the banks will get it all once again.

Beverley Petersen, Tura Beach

Thanks to electorate

I would like to thank all those voters within the electorate, those party volunteers that gave up considerable time and all others involved in the political campaigns.

Congratulations to Mike Kelly on regaining the seat of Eden Monaro. Congratulations to the other candidates, you believe in our parliamentary system and have the conviction to stand up and be counted you are prepared 'have a go', the Australian way.

We do live in the greatest country on earth and the Eden Monaro is one of our nation's oldest and most diversified regions. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring, thank you.

David Sheldon, independent candidate

Fairy tales

"Daddy do all fairy tales begin with once upon a time...?"

"No son, sometimes they begin with 'If elected, I promise to.....'"

With thanks to Snoopy cartoons.

Paul Dion, Nethercote