Eden-Monaro decides | Candidates chat one day out

Standing for the Eden-Monaro this federal election are Labor's Mike Kelly, The Liberals' Fiona Kotvojs and The Greens' Patrick McGinlay.
Standing for the Eden-Monaro this federal election are Labor's Mike Kelly, The Liberals' Fiona Kotvojs and The Greens' Patrick McGinlay.

On the eve of the Federal Election, we asked major party candidates for the seat of Eden-Monaro how they were feeling.

We spoke to Labor's Mike Kelly, Liberal Fiona Kotvojs and The Greens' Pat McGinlay. Their responses are printed in the order in which they returned our call.

Labor MP Mike Kelly said he had no fear besides failure.

"The only fear I have is failure - letting down the community or my crew," he said.

"You always feel tense at this phase, wanting to make sure you can bring it all home."

What is your plan after the election if you aren't successful?

"I have had people chase me over the years to go and do higher-paid jobs, but I am committed to seeing through what I have started here," he answered.

"I am not going to be satisfied until we get our country on track, and we have policies for that and will stick with the job until it's done."

Is there one key issue you personally would like to address in the Eden-Monaro?

"Climate change is the number one issue in the region, the community knows we are the canary in the coal mine," he said.

Mr Kelly strongly believes the Eden-Monaro can become the renewable capital of Australia.

"There will be thousands of jobs associated with meeting that challenge, as well as the carbon farming initiative and support for our farmers," he said.

One specific project Mr Kelly said he is committed to was the "timber hub".

"The timber industry in our region is huge; there's lots of potential for thousands of jobs and farmers to diversify their income by setting up a timber co-op by assigning part of their property to plantation resources," he said.

Liberal candidate Fiona Kotvojs said she was feeling tired but loving every moment.

She said she stood for the seat of Eden-Monaro to create job opportunities for youth and to support small businesses and primary productions.

"When I left school in Bega, I had to move away for work because there weren't opportunities locally," she said.

"Now that I have come back it is pretty much the same still - we are bleeding our lifeblood away with our youth.

"I do believe the difference in perspective will mean that we have greater focus on the rural areas of this electorate.

The electorate has not had a female representative and Dr Kotvojs hopes to be the first.

What is your plan after the election if you aren't successful?

"I will be spending some time over a small break with my family and friends," she answered.

"I haven't contemplated what happens if I were to loose, I have been very focused on winning."

Are you confident?

"At the moment I think it is 50/50, it's marginal and every vote will count," she said.

"People really need to think about the future and the difference the Bill Shorten versus Morrison Government will bring."

"For me it's a creation of long-term opportunities for people, through small businesses, farms and primary productions," Dr Kotvojs said.

The Greens candidate Patrick McGinlay looks forward to Saturday after many days of campaigning.

"Right now, I have felt like someone in a marathon where the stadium has just come in to sight," he said.

Is there one key issue you would like to address in the Eden-Monaro?

"Apart from the obvious issues of climate and environment, I would also like to see older Australians living in the Eden-Monaro have safe affordable care," he said.

"The Greens will ensure older Australians are able to choose whether to stay at home or to move to residential care."

"To boost the stay at home option, we have also pledged additional 50,000 level three and four home care packages over three years at a cost of almost $5.5 billion. This includes hundreds of packages for Eden-Monaro," he said.

Your thoughts on tomorrow's outcome?

"What we wanted to do was to grow The Greens vote significantly enough so whichever major party gets in to power, they will realise there are people who are concerned about things like; climate change, affordable housing and the environment," he said.

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