Horoscopes: week beginning May 12

Horoscopes: week beginning May 12

ARIES: Between May 15 and June 9, the earning potential of Aries individuals is enhanced, leaving you with a little more money than usual to purchase those special items. The acquisition of new and beautiful possessions also seems to be at the top of your list of priorities, promoting a certain degree of self-indulgence and pleasure.

TAURUS: Venus in your sun sign over the coming twenty-five days will ensure happier moments in all your relationships, as well as a heightened appreciation of beauty. May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4 will bring some truly memorable and beautiful moments. Better work opportunities or a more enjoyable work environment are added benefits of this stellar trend.

GEMINI: The best pleasure you will derive from life in the next twenty-five days will be from those moments you take for yourself or in helping someone in need. You should be able to smooth over any demands placed on you, especially on May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4. A secret romantic rendezvous may be just the thing you need, and opportunities will arise.

CANCER: Your social life will bring many happy times during May 15 to June 9, especially during May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4. Many Cancerians will also be able to successfully finalise a project or will be inspired to set new goals, especially where the home or a property matter is concerned. New friendships are likely and many will find a little extra unexpected cash coming their way.

LEO: The twenty-five days from May 15 offers Leonine individuals many opportunities for advancement in work and personal enterprise. This is an active and profitable period for business with some especially outstanding results during May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4. Make important moves then. You seem to have a knack with words then, ensuring you receive credit for your talented input.

VIRGO: Until June 9 Virgo individuals will make money or spend it in association with foreign interests, education, law, advertising and travel. May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4 produces some outstanding results whilst there are few obstacles in your path, as health is good and commitments work to your advantage. Financially this is an extremely favourable time.

LIBRA: There is a tendency over the coming twenty-five days to spend money, perhaps because you can more easily access it. Refunds and bonuses are more likely during this period. Intimate relationships can also be especially delightful. Those on the quest for their inner self should make easy progress too! A moment of quiet reflection will do you good.

SCORPIO: May 15 to June 9 is a special time for Scorpio individuals as far as love is concerned. Committed relationships have their ups and downs but produce some rather delightful memories: it's a good time to get away and spend some private time with your partner. Singles also have great prospects of meeting someone very special.

SAGITTARIUS: Most Sagittarians will derive a great deal of joy from their work in the weeks until June 9. An abundance of creative energy is also at your disposal, enabling you to produce some fine results. There should be a few work-related social gatherings. Health tends to improve under this trend unless you overindulge yourself. Best days are May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4.

CAPRICORN: Relationships with lovers and children receive special attention during the coming twenty-five days, especially on May 16, 30, 31, June 1-4. Those ready for a new relationship should find that opportunities are prolific for meeting that special someone. Recreational pursuits and children bring successful and pleasurable moments to be savoured.

AQUARIUS: Aquarian individuals should grow closer to family members during the coming twenty-five days. Some will spend extra money beautifying their home or entertaining therein. Many Aquarians are likely to feel drawn to their origins, either bringing family members to you or taking you to them, wherever that may be.

PISCES: If you need to find the right words to express yourself, you'll have ample opportunity to do so between May 15 and June 9. This is especially helpful in communicating feelings of love or in the handling of financial matters. A small item may be purchased for a vehicle during this period or there may be a quick, enjoyable trip away.

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