Opportunity to support children in need with other Eden women

Members of Eden VIEW Club
Members of Eden VIEW Club

Eden VIEW Club is on the lookout for women whose New Year resolution is to improve their social life and give back to the Eden community.

VIEW stands for the Voice, Interests and Education of Women. It is one of Australia's leading women's volunteer organisations and supports the education of disadvantaged children through its charitable fundraising. The Eden VIEW Club is part of a network of over 300 clubs throughout Australia.

"Joining our VIEW Club is the perfect opportunity to meet regularly with other like-minded women, establish new friendships and help children in need," said club president Anne Comery.

"Our role in the community is underpinned by our support of The Smith Family - a national charity that helps children in need with their education. Through our work with the charity we are helping make life-changing differences to sponsored children and their families."

The Smith Family is appealing for people to sponsor children who are in need of help with the cost of school essentials and out-of-school learning support.

Through referrals from partner schools, the charity currently has 4000 children in financially stressed households who are urgently in need of a sponsor. Children on the sponsorship program are also connected with a Smith Family coordinator who takes the time to understand the child's specific needs, ensuring they receive appropriate assistance.

Those who join the Eden View Club, which hosts monthly meetings for members on the fourth Monday of the month, will play a pivotal role in supporting The Smith Family's work by fundraising to sponsor more children.

The Eden View Club currently sponsors three children.

In addition to their ongoing support of The Smith Family, VIEW hosts social events, including Christmas in July, annual Club birthday celebrations, monthly morning tea get togethers and raffles.

"We are always looking for women of all backgrounds and ages to join us and we look forward to welcoming some new faces at our next monthly meeting," Anne added.

Anyone interested in becoming a member can call Anne Comery on 0412 242 851 or visit www.view.org.au for further information.

The next Eden VIEW Club meeting will take place at the Eden Fishermen's Club, Monday, April 29 at 11.30am.